Why do the NFL Seahawks players come visit Vancouver schools

i'm just confused why an NFL team comes brings their players to Vancouver in CFL/BC Lions territory and meets with our students? As if like the Lions don't even exist.

It's marketing. No better way than to market to young kids and get them growing up loving the Seahawks

2.3 million potential new fans buying Seahawks merchandise. In today's business world, you never own a territory by default. The Seahawks are agressively going after the Vancouver market (probably much like the Mariners) but the big question is "What are the Lions doing to keep their market?" Are the Lions visiting local schools? Are the Lions heavily involved in the local community? Are the Lions spending the resources needed to keep their team dominant in their local market? If not, maybe that is why the Seahawks see an opening for new business in the Vancouver market.

The BC Lions do visit the schools, or did at least from my past experience but i mean that was 1998 so i'm not sure if they still do.

I just find that i really don't like the fact the Seahawks come up here. I mean at least with the Mariners there's not really any competition as we have a minor league affiliated club so there's no real problem except with maybe the Oakland A's or the Blue Jays. I suppose maybe the Blue Jays have a problem with the Mariners influence here?

I think maybe they see how big the CFL has resurged and they want to take future fans away like you say. Its tough I suppose nothing would be said about it except maybe...an exhibition game with all CFL rules between the Seahawks and Lions.


The Roughriders were booked and couldn't make it.

Same reason why the Toronto sports pages are filled with story's of Bills players coming into Toronto school or holding charity bowling events in Toronto. The Argos do 30 to 1 appearances in Toronto schools and charitys but it's the Bills and other NFL players that come here that gets the front page photo op

It is step one of the plan devised by that Kenyan born, Muslim/Socialist president to take over Canada. Just watch.

I've been a Seahawk fan since 04' the story of the Seahawks has always been that they don't get much coverage up in the northwest, obviously with teams being in the east and south of them why not and try to expand your fan base north, get vancoucerites making the short flight or drive to see a game, good marketing on their part. Lions need to step it up

I'm a Seahawk fan so its no big deal to me. At the end of the day, Vancouver will always hockey fans first.

NFL has no business coming into Canada.
I am all for bringing back the Marc Lalonde legislation preventing the NFL and to include this and the Bills.

While I'm against the whole Bills in Toronto or any team in Canada that's not the CFL, the Seahawks are just being smart. Look at what they have around them, there isolated in the Pacific Northwest, there's no fans in the Pacific Ocean :wink: the 49ers/Raiders/Chargers own any ground south of them and Minnesota, Arizona and Oregon College football takes anything east of attracting new fans. Now the Seahawks already have a solid fan base in the "12th Man" and actually sold out all single game tickets within 3 min of sale just last week. But they know that Vancouver is a short flight/Drive away for a weekend game, we have Jersey Cities up here selling NFL gear. They have nowhere else to expand an already crowded faithful fan base. If the Lions marketing reps are truly fearful of this they'll get Lions out there in the community and start launching promos, but you can't get mad at the Seahawks organization for being smart marketers. To top it off there is actually a Seahawks Canada Twitter page that I follow that lets Canadian Hawk fans know of the latest promotions in there area.

On a side note how ticked are you that the CFL airs on ESPN 2/3 and NBC Sports network? Were invading there territory same thing, double standards.

Go Hawks and Go Riders!!!

Good on the Seahawks for trying to expand their market.

The Bills are toast in Buffalo without Canadian money and I assume the Seahawks are in a similar position albeit not as desperate as the Bills for the Canadian dollars. When the players are in Canada, at least they are eating at our restaurants and spending some money. Marketing has no borders really.

Seattle sells out every game and is not in desperate need of Canadian money, it helps but with the TV money and private boxes , they make money with out even selling a ticket ! :roll: ! They are being proactive , by acknowledging their market north of the border. It's what the Riders are doing in SK. Just because times are good , doesn't mean you should sit back and do nothing in the marketing department. SK. president remembers the rough times in Regina and now is the perfect time to broaden the fan base. Rough times will come around again and a larger fan base will make a big difference financially . Winnipeg is no different, we have been hot garbage for the last 4 years and no cup in 23 years....I think it's safe to say 24 :? , we still sellout or come very close.

I agree.
Protect our culture and heritage.

It's on the Lions to compete marketing wise with the seahawks and the people of BC to decide if they are going to support their Lions over the Seahawks.No legislation needed, be confident in your product and continue marketing to the young people of BC.

That is the nature of a community owned team. The community owns the team and stand behind them good or bad. With a privately owned team once things start getting tough owners look to sell as soon as they can usually and if the ownership loses faith in the team the support usually follows.

We are not community owned any longer and at the end of the day, SK and Winnipeg have the best fans in the CFL and love the CFL in big numbers that fill our Stadiums. Winnipeg will need to start taking some positive steps on the field or the big crowds will not last forever !

I know the Cats are not any longer but in the CFL, with the implementation of the salary cap, community owned teams are the most likely to keep their fan base on a consistent basis.