Why do the Bombers keep Westwood????

WHY WHY WHY Do we keep this idiot?? All he does it talk trash about other teams and their fans and that prompts the opposing team to get even more motivated to kick our ass because he insults them unprovoked. This guy is not even clutch ( example grey cup 2001) and he is very inconsistent in his field goal and punting duties. Troy also brings a sense of doubt to our team because of previous chokes( grey cup) they have a lingering fear that he might miss a crucial kick that turns momentum around. An example of this is last night when after the argos had gotten their first points the bombers drove all the way into field goal position ( showing resiliency) and westwood proceeds to hit the upright whcih means that all that work was done for nothing and you cant tell me that the missed kick didnt bring down the bombers momentum. The only saving grace for westwood was that prefontaine did the same thing a few minutes later but we had already lost our momentum.

I realize we cant cut him right now because there is no one out there right now that is sufficently better then him but after this year i believe we should cut him because hes getting old, hes not clutch, and he always provokes other teams with his idiot comments.

Does anyone disagree about this?

Lol i'll always remember when he called us a bunch of banjo playing freaks or somewhere along that line anyway!

Well even if he does trash talk, and I'm not a Bomber fan, I cheer for them when they don't play BC, but Troy Westwood does very well on his field goals and punts. I guess he could turn down the trash talk, but really, its not like any other teams haven't done anything along the same lines?

but dont u think like maybe o mahony would have been better then troy had omahony showed up for training camp and also we were grooming ryan to take over camerons punting duties till he went to green bay so we never had real faith in westwood

i admit to completely "trashing" troy over the last few years and was one of the first people to say, "punt him". but in all fairness to troy, he's done ok this year. we brought in 2 supposedly good punters and they sucked. troy has been punting admirably. he's got the leg, he just needs a little more consistency. i think he's been fine this year. right now, troy is the least of my worries!!!

i may be wrong, but i haven't heard him "mouthing off" much this year either! at least compared to year's past!

as for o'mahony, he has issues, y do u think no one else has picked him up? and no one wud say westwood is better than ryan in punting, it has nothing to do with faith or lack thereof in westwood!

I admit Troy has been punting better this year then ever before and he ususally is consistent but he always seems to miss a field goal in every game like the last games against BC and toronto respectivaly.

THe only time this year has been when we were playing hamilton and he showed that sigh from the hamilton newspaper and he encouraged us to make our own.

O mahony does has issues but im saying if he did not have those issues he might possible be better at the field goals im just saying after this year we should be starting to look at a replacement.

I love me Bombers but never cared for Weastwood, still can't forgiv him, shooting off his mouth before the loss to the Stamps in the GreyCup game. He was so confident we were going to win, and he played like crap n was a big reason we lost..

Best play I've seen Westwood in...the time when he was blindsided while trying to cover a kick, I think it was against the Esk's...happend about 5 years ago..

Even this year he started to shoot off his mouth again, it was the second game against the TiCats and look what happened...he has done a decent job this year, just tape his mouth shut for the remainder of the season..

I am convinced that if he got a haircut he would be just fine......and the sign says long haired freaky people need not apply.......

:lol: :lol:

Westwood is great!

Good one Piggy, maybe he has endorsments for a shampoo company!

More likely Quaker State, Sport, thats one greasy lookin mop.

Troy Westwood is definitely someone who is mentally unstable! the next time the bombers trade somebody,it should be westwood who !

:twisted: not only that he should go to the roughriders so that he might learn to keep his big mouth shut!!!

expect that very bad kickoff, Westwood was the only guy out they putting anything on the board tonight.

Why do the Bombers keep Westwood????

Because of the hair.. :thup:

i dont think there is anything wrong with troy, did you see the booming punt 76 yards and it went for a single. i dont remember the last time he missed a feild goal because of length or how he kicked it besides the one the really mattered in the grey cup a couple of years ago and the one that hit the post in the toronto game but i dont think we should worry about troy. our first worry is getting a starting QB :wink:

...there's nothing wrong with Troy...it wasn't his decision to pull off that short kick that went in the Riders favour...if anything Westwood is having a damn good year....why the hell would we get rid of him... :roll: