Why do teams keep throwing on us when they have the game won

It does not seem to matter which team we are losing to but their offense continues to throw passes rather than run the clock out. OUR DEFENSE MAKES EACH AND EVERY OPPOSING QB LOOK LIKE A LEAGUE ALLSTAR.

So … Is it the rooster, or the defensive co-ordinator that does not have his D prepared. Cats give up way too many long passes and imagine if all the dropped passes had been caught. Soft weak defense. WE HAVE IT!!!

I'm pretty sure they played a pretty good game today. Now if our offence would be able to do something it would be a lot better looking scores.

The D doesn’t get off the hook this game. The secondary looked like a bunch of high school kids. And we have NO rush. Each and every game I ask myself why our D can’t get to the QB. Is the other team’s O line that good? Are they holding us and getting away with it? Although not as bad as our O, our D isn’t that good.

McKay Loescher and Wayne are the only DL we have, the rest are bush league