Why do so many Vancouverites hate the BC Lions and the CFL?

there is actually very little, if any, hatred. It is also not confined to Vancouver. The disease in general throughout the lower mainland, as well as GTA and elsewhere, is simply lack of caring, appreciation, respect, interest and regard.

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ok. How about more people here probably watch Seattle games on TV than they do Lions games.

How about total dollars spent going to Seahawks games is probably more than is spent going to lions games.

If you look at the stats, the NFL game takes a little longer on average to watch. So I don’t think that part of the argument holds up.

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...I think you're probably correct in those last two assumptions...the first one because the NFL is very accessible, more so than the CFL (not just now but even during normal times)...and the second I would agree with as those games are bloddy expensive for a canadian to attend...even nose-bleed tickets at Lumen Field are couple hun, the trip down, the hotels and restaurants, etc. if you added up what those six/seven thousand ppl spend on one Seahawks game (and convert to $CDN) versus what seventeen thousand spend on one Lions game I bet they'd be pretty close...it would be interesting to see if this comparison has ever been done...

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Vancouver is in some ways worse than Toronto for preferring cross border shoppers

Lions vs Seahawks
Canucks vs Kraken
Grizzlies (dead) vs Supersonics (also dead)

Once the Seahawks stop being competitive, we will see how many Vancouverites follow them.

The Lions :lion: need to try connecting more actively & aggressively with great er Vancouver. They need to change their mindset to that of a newly formed expansion team that has a clean :soap: slate. Incorporating my idea of inviting High School (Secondary School, my nephew is a teacher in :uk:, that’s what they call grade 9 through 12), Marching Bands, Cheer, PomPom, Spirit & Dance teams to perform at PreGame, Halftime & possibly PostGame. Allow the performers to attend complimentary & offer discounted tickets :ticket: for their parents, family & friends to attend.

That is 1 way to attract & build a younger fan base. You provide those teenagers with a positive game day experience. Record their performance, take their photos, encourage them to take photos & vids and upload to social media platforms. Post their performance on the teams website and social media pages.

Don’t do this 1-2 games but every hone game of the season. Allow Schools to schedule a repeat performance if they choose to.

This promotion can put 2-3K more people in the stands that otherwise might not attend a game. I honestly don’t see a downside to this and It works for major :us: College football :football:. :us: college :football: teams do it because Uni enrollments in the States have dropped in the past 10-20 years for a number of reasons and there are many more entertainment options competing for potential fans time & disposable income. What do you have to lose :lion:, and quite frankly the entire CFL


Since we will never be bigger than the NFL, why not have some cross promotion with the NFL team in Seattle. Could we get Russell Wilson or Pete Carroll to do an online chat with Mike Reilly or Rick Campbell and promote that on video. I know many of the NFL players want to see grassroots football grow and might be willing to help promote the CFL to a younger generation.

Great ideas, and as you point out is what US college teams have been doing for decades. Up here, we'll just try to keep "rebranding" ourselves, and somehow hope that our new snazzy name and/or logo will be enough to bring us to success, no matter how many friggin times this approach has been proven not to work.