Why do so many Vancouverites hate the BC Lions and the CFL?

If that that potato comes fully loaded with sour cream, bacon and shredded cheese, I'm all in

I mentioned earlier that I hope the new owners find some celebrity or star power to be a minority owner.

Let's go with Vancouverite Seth Rogan in for 10% and up in the owners box. He's a perfect fit for here.

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Not sure if he's a CFL fan.

Not many Canadian celebrities mention the CFL in their sports memory.

Only if Lions change their logo to a marijuana leaf. LOL!

Most celebrities weren't jocks when they were growing up. They spend their formative years in the arts department or in the A/V room playing Dungeons and Dragons instead of the field or rink. But they can play act the part convincingly

Ryan Reynolds has mentioned the Lions a couple of times in the media. Didn't he just but a soccer club in Wales too? :star_struck:

I think there are more Vancouverites that dont even know what the cfl is rather than actually hate it.

what gets my dander up is when someone schedules some kind of event on such days as grey cup, completely oblivious to it happening or that some they are inviting really want to watch the game.

Oh, is there a game on. I didnt know. Well you can watch games anytime. I will be offended if you dont come.

I hope my kids dont make the mistake of planning a wedding during cfl or nfl playoffs. I might be hard to find at times :slight_smile:

but I digress. Totally oblivious to cfl seems to be an all too common happening around here.

He was or is in negotiations with the Wrexham soccer team with another actor, Rob McIhenney. I haven't heard any latest details. He and McIhenney could've broken off talks because of the Pandemic. The Welsh team is a fan owned team in the 5th tier English League

Yes. Hate? Scorn? Ridicule? Nope (except those idiot trolls on Twitter and such places). Apathy and ignorance about the league and Lions? Yes!

My buddy and I had trouble finding a bar to show the Grey Cup game these past couple of years. We had to call around. Most said they could put it on a screen but no sound. They cater to NFL fans (sad).

Finally found a pub that agreed to have the GC and sound on. People were actually watching with us.


I find that boston pizza always has cfl games on, but they dont usually have sound on for any game. Works for me

Then again, I have never been anywhere but a living room for the GC

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Well those pubs that you called are probably out of business now due to the COVID-19. Lots of bars and restaurants are closing up for good.

One reason that most bars and pubs are NFL centric is because the beer sponsor(Anheuser-Busch) gives the owners discounts on beer and keg purchase along with free posters and tickets for draws, but the some owners(the one I use to work for) would keep the free tickets for themselves.

The CFL needs to have their beer sponsor do a similar promotion like the NFL has with AB. Even if one of those micro breweries

What about the Vancouver based actor who starred on FridayNightLights a few years ago

Taylor Kitsch

Kitsch can't get arrested these days. Should've passed on the "Battleship". He barely passes as a soccer player in that movie