Why do people criticise Danny Macocia?

It seems people tend to criticise Danny Macocia a lot. Why? Didn't Edmonton just win a Grey Cup? Can someone explain to me? Were there any specific incidents that led to these opinions?

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I realize that, but it seemed to me to have lasted longer than just this past weekend.

I think it has allot to do with their 9 win season last season. If they had lost to Calgary in the playoffs Danny would have been dumped in a heartbeat by Hugh.

His smug attitude would be a good start. Last year when the dancing fool fairy ripped of his head set thinking the game was in hand and all of a sudden a rider blocks the field goal and guess what his team lost. He won the GC. Hmmm it seems that he inherited a good team and then had couple of loaner players to win it! Yup mighty proud of that GC game. Is that enough!

The Mighty Edmonton Eskimos record last year was 11-7. What 9 win season are you talking about? And their record in the playoffs was 3-0, after dispatching Calgary IN Calgary, dumping BC IN BC and winning a thrilling double OT Grey Cup game against Montreal… again. Not bad for a rookie head coach.

The trade last year that brought Troy Davis to The City of Champions was a completely legitimate trade that fans of lesser teams still moan about, out of pure jealousy. Let’s see. You are the GM of a CFL team. You have the opportunity to make a trade that will significantly help your team in the short term, and work out pretty decent in the long term. The trade is completely legitimate, and breaks no rules. It is approved by the league office, as all trades have to be. If ANY GM of ANY team in ANY league were to refuse that trade, because he was worried about what sore losers in other cities would have to say, he should be immediately fired. End of discussion. Heck, as far as I’m concerned, the more whinning, complaining and crying you get from fans of other teams, the better the trade. It was a brilliant move by Eskimos management, and it helped them win their 13th Grey Cup.

If the GM of your team can’t pull off trades like that, well, I do feel sorry for you. But the Eskimos are not going to apologize for doing everything within the rules to make them a winner. You don’t become the winningest team over a 35 year period by accident. :twisted:

cheaters hahahahaha.if you keep telling yourself that trade was fair eventually you will belive.CHEATERS.danny mochocia cant coach he is a bum.he has a great team that hides his horrible coaching.it will all change this year and you will also turn on him

WOW, not sure how to follow up that incredibly intelligent post. For all you mental giants that tell yourselves that the Eskimos cheated to win the Grey Cup, to help yourselves sleep at night, please feel free to post what CFL league rules the Eskimos broke with any trades last year. I understand the rules may have changed for this year, but what rule did they break last year? Then, feel free to direct all your pathetic crying to the league head office, as they approved this trade, that apparently was illegal.

If you can’t quote what the rules were last year, and what rules were broken, you not only come across as a sore loser, but as pathetic and ignorant. :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

Warnerr has appoint up until he degenerates into the name calling! Yes this type of trade has only happened once that I can recall and it was last year. The league allowed it but I believe future considerations was not that much in the future or a consideration. They did play with in the rules but to me that is a dirty way to play the game!

im already over last year CHEATER its fun winding up eski fans you cheaters.if the eskies didnt cheat why do they all stomp and pout when you call them cheaters? i live in edmonton and proudly yell cheaters at all eskie fans i see.same pouting and crying "we are not cheeters,that was fair trade"if you gave moss no grey cup cheaters.

Even if Hamilton didn't get Maas I still think it was a fair trade, a first round pick plus 2 very talented young players for 2 broken down players at the end of their careers.

Inbred saskatchewan boy? :lol: I like your logic and reasoning… :roll: Did we already mention that the trade was completely withing the rules?

Anyways, IMO people criticize Maciocca for leading a team that had no running game for the first half of last season whatsoever(signs of this appearing this year year as well). Handling the veteran kicker sean fleming situation very poorly last year IMO. Pretty shitty offensive scheme, nickel and dime. And a lot of fans just like to make fun of how he looks, and how short he is. Personally, I don’t really like the guy, but I don’t really hate him either.

I’d rather be thought of as a cheater by someone that I KNOW is a LOSER, than to be a LOSER. I guess you prefer to be a LOSER that follows UNWRITTEN RULES that WINNING teams do not have to follow. Pathetic.

The rules are there for a reason. When LOSERS have to watch the GM of a rival team outwit their own GM, and win the Grey Cup as a result, I understand the bitterness. But, it was not DIRTY; or else it would have been against the rules. It was CLEVER. But, you boys stay happy chearing for LOSERS that follow some rediculous set of unwritten rules that apparently prevents you from winning. Enjoy. :twisted: :twisted: :lol:

The rules are the rules, and if the league okayed the Davis trade, then it's legitimate. It doesn't, however, mean that the Davis 'trade' wasn't unmitigated crap that cast a pall on the league and its credibility, and a stunt that SHOULD be illegal. Legality isn't everything. Slavery was once legal too. Didn't make it right either. I'm deliberately going to extremes here, but you see my point.

It is absolute garbage that Edmonton was able to acquire a premier running back midseason while not having to send their half of the deal, Jason Maas, over to Hamilton immediately. Shame on the league for not making this kind of bush-league move illegal. If there were a trade stipulation requiring all players involved in a trade to change teams immediately (excluding draft picks, of course), then the haves (Edmonton) wouldn't be able to exploit the have-nots (Hamilton). Edmonton would have been forced to do two things:

  1. Trade Davis but lose Maas immediately, in which case I guarantee you that they wouldn't even have advanced to the finals, let alone won the Cup. Anyone who thinks differently is simply an Eskimo fan who can't admit that Ricky Ray was not getting the job done prior to the Grey Cup.

  2. Reject the trade and fail to acquire Davis, in which case their running game would have remained non-existent and they still wouldn't even have made it to the Grey Cup final.

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Well, he was untested as HC, he was young, he didn't have CFL coaching experience other candidates had, and he walked into pretty much a ready-made situation in Edm.

And as previously pointed out, he made a habit of silly, premature celebrating of victories --- vs Sask and in GC

That, and he coaches the Esks. :stuck_out_tongue:

Take a look at other sports leagues, and the same thing happens all the time(and its legal too). NHL teams stockpiling up at the trade deadline, signing “rental players” for the remainder of the season, usually for draft picks. If I remember correctly, the Davis trade involved Davis(who would become a FA after the season, so at the time a 'rental") and comiskey to edmonton for NI brock ralph(now a fairly often dominant wide-out in hamilton), Tay Cody(starter in secondary in Hamilton), and a draft pick. I can’t see how anyone can say this in itself isn’t a pretty even(if not fair)trade, rental players to the esks who would later be signed, and future stars for the ticats, who were looking strongly towards the future.

Well, discipline, that is YOUR opinion, and you are entitled to it. Fortunately, The Mighty Edmonton Eskimos, the most winningest team in CFL history and the Canadian Football League do not agree with you. Hamilton has a Billionare owner with pockets MUCH deeper than the Eskimos community owned team. To suggest the Ti Cats are a have not team is just plain rediculous. The Ti Cats and the CFL agreed to the trade. Nobody held a gun to their head. Hamilton didn’t need nor want Maas right away, as they were missing the playoffs regardless of who their QB was at that point. And based on their record now, I’m not so sure Maas is a huge upgrade. The Eskimos got what they wanted. Hamilton got what they wanted. The CFL Head Office had no problem with it.

Bi.tch, moan and cry all you want. But keep your tears directed towards your mother, who might actually give a damn, and the CFL Head Office that had the authority to ban the trade, but did not, as it broke no rules. Us Eskimo fans could care less about your tears. We’re just enjoying our 13th Grey Cup. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Esks123, you have to admit they do not borrow players for the rest of the season and at season end they ship them to the team that made the trade. This by the way was smart of Huey but really not ethical thus the rule change.

WHAT??? Other leagues allow teams to trade away futures and draft picks for immediate talent as rental players? One team benefits from getting a final piece to the puzzle to go for a championship, and a team that is offloading salary and/or building for the future also benefits? So, this does not make the CFL look bush league? In fact, trades like this would be much more common, if there were more than 8 teams in the leauge, and more GM’s as bright as Campbell? Say it ain’t so, esks!!! What are the sore losers going to cry about now??? :twisted: :twisted: