Why Do Our Cheerleaders Dress like Mennonites?

I believe in calling for change where it has a chance of actually happening. Granted, we have a lot more pressing problems with this team than the cheerleaders' attire, but realistically, what changes can we expect the team to make?

Fire Cortez?

Not going to happen. I like the changes he's made to the offense (just need better execution). He's made some mistakes, but head coaching changes have historically been ineffective.

Fire Creehan?

Last in every meaningful defensive category? Should happen, but won't. Obie's partly to blame for not giving him personnel that can actually get the job done (Peach was the big Free Agent addition on Defense to replace Hickman?).

This leaves the Cheerleaders.

I'll admit, I did my part and booed the Argo Cheerleaders today. But you have to admit they looked pretty good. I'm not advocating having our cheerleaders dress like hookers, but why does the team insist on dressing our cheerleaders like Mennonites?

If the football leaves you feeling cold, at least the entertainment in between should be somewhat memorable.

If the greatest compliment you can pay to a Cheerleader is "Nice Smock", we've got a problem.

Just sayin'....

I have to admit, I've seen pretty much every complaint possible leveled against the Tiger-Cats over the years......but this is a new, unprecedented one :lol:

I have to admit...this thread made me chuckle. And after the last 4 games...that's something I needed.

8) Judging by the comments made by many fans in my section, regarding the Cheerleaders attire, I have to agree with
  you wholeheartedly !!!

  Our ladies certinly have to take a back seat as far as attire is concerned, when compared to the Argo Cheerleaders !!

   Our ladies work very hard at their job, but for heaven sakes Leslie, at least dress them in better outfits than they were
    wearing today, especially in the second half of the game !!!    <!-- s:oops: -->:oops:<!-- s:oops: -->     <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->

Maybe we should dress them like hookers. It might distract the opponents. Nobody here has seen Kingpin? :lol:

Mennonites? how about Muslims? dressing them in Burqas and Hijabs, go after that demographic?

I think Argos cheerleaders look pretty trashy. But has anyone noticed that our cheerleaders change their uniforms every half time? They always switch between the stupid yellow ones, and the better looking black yoga pants.

I love the black yoga pants :smiley:

The world needs more yoga pants.

As for our Ti Cat Cheerleaders, they are a hard working bunch of talented young ladies who put up with endless crap from drunk idiots. Find something else more intelligent to complain about

Mennonites? What kind of Mennonites are you referring to? Odd observation, my friend. Odd.

Did you know that there's a global online Mennonite encyclopedia? I couldn't find our cheerleaders in there.


I was expecting the website to just be an empty black screen. On account of their aversion to electricity, of course.

Aaarrrgggghhhhh. Those are certain groups of Old Order Mennonites which are quite different from the Mennonites who run TenThousand Villages stores and the Mennonite Service Committee or Mennonite Brethren types (both of whom enjoy all modern technology either of whom might have females that wear bikinis).

In other words there are lots of types of Mennonites. All would call themselves Christian... some of whom might join the Cheerleaders.

Ah, whadda' I care. This isn't the site to discuss the distinctives of Christian groupings. Come to my college however.... :slight_smile:

Seriously? Booing young dancing girls who are just trying to entertain us? That's just embarrassing behavior. Save your spite for the opposition and the bad calls.

Just sayin'.....

I spoke to one of the cheerleaders last season when they were selling their calendars at Scott Park prior to the game ... asked why they weren't more sexy in their choice of clothing ... she claimed that some of the girls are professionals and have a say in what they wear.


Saying that, yoga pants will never go out of style :rockin:

Hey Mark I agree with you. Why post "dress like Mennonites" some people think it's funny. Can you imagine if the post was "why do our cheerleaders dress like MUSLIMS" ............lol
No doubt some people would be uncomfortable, they feel it's okay to make fun of Christians but not Muslims, sheer hypocrisy.

I blame Weird Al Yankovic for all the misinformation.

Speaking of religion, the rumour is that God created Yoga pants on the 8th day but kept them his own little secret until recently when someone hacked his internet account, copied the design and, well, it went viral on the net.

God is good!

:wink: :lol:

wait…wait…WAIT hang on a sec …

There’s a football game going on behind those dancing girls?

Not when they have the yoga pants on :wink:

Ok, I have to confess - it is all my fault.

I have three daughters and I cannot help thinking that any of them could be a Ticat cheerleader.

And to quote the late great Harold Ballard when referring to the Argos cheerleaders, I wouldn’t want one of my daughters looking like: “Refugees from Yonge Street”

Which, when you think about it, was a brilliant insult towards the Argos, their cheerleaders, and to Toronto, all at the same time. :wink:

Cheers, Bob.