Why do NFL players get paid more?

Like, I know there is more fans and everything and more teams. But CFL is obviously harder, 3 downs instead of 4, and the CFL field is 20 yards longer. If we seen a NFL team VS a CFL team, who do you think would win? I would think the CFL team would win. How much money do CFL players get payed? And how much do NFL players get payed?

I am a huge CFL fan , I am also an NFL fan. Any NFL team would beat any other CFL team...They are bigger , faster , meaner, it goes on and on. A good NFLer ( Peyton Manning ) gets paid 12 million a season. A good CFLer ( Ricky Ray ) will earn 400 thousand a season or so. They get paid more because of a few things. Owners who are mega millionaires and TV deals. The NFL is the best run sports league there is. The Super Bowl is practically a national holiday down there. Having said all of that, I am still very passionate and always will be, about my Lions.

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ITs all relative. A NFL franchise is worth a few billion, a CFL franchise is worth millions. TV deals, population difference and the size of the US football culture all mean the CFL will never compete as far as money.

I would have to agree. Look at what happened to Wake and Logan. Money talks!

its a mystery

you have to wonder tho if the recession is so bad in the states how 60-70 thousand cram in every stadium with ticket prices way higher than here in canada and as one said teams worth not millions but multi billions and most teams are located in multi-million people cities plus as one other poster said p manning 12 mill a year so he makes right around ricky rays annual pay of 4HT A YEAR IN 1 GAME LOL to me thats unreal Tom cruise said it best in Jerry M SHOW ME THE MONEY$$$$$$$$

Well for one thing there not bigger, faster or anything else. However they do have a huge supply of same through their many farm teams (College etc) which are sometimes as good as the professionals. Of course, its all relative. Bigger franchise and as "Grims" says, bigger TV Deals, more ticket revenue at higher prices, more interest and the list goes on....

How much does simon get payed?

First lets start with the most obvious:

USA Population: 300 Million
Canada Pop. : 30 Million

Then the next obvious:

TV Contracts. With the shared system in the NFL the TV Contracts are so good that nobody could be in an NFL stadium and the team would still make 10 million dollars. I'm saying actually 0 people in attendance. Thats also a part of the population factor and the advertising dollars being much higher for 300 million people then 30 million people.

No matter what if Americans choose to like something we do they will be able to make a tonne more money than we could ever. So there's your get payed more question answer.

  1. To reply to quote that NFL players are better because they are bigger and paid more. Put any of those guys on the front lines with an extra yard at the scrimmage in the CFL versus NFL players lined up nose to nose. You need to cast a whole different set of players and train differently, as well as practice differently.

Reference of proof that NFL players are NOT better than CFL players is if you can ever find it: Mark Gastineau coming into the CFL from the NFL (was in all sorts of commercials really well known player) and getting destroyed by Chris Walby.

Many CFL players and NFL players will NEVER work in each others league. Why? You need a different player to do what you want in your league, in your game. Reasons that make the game so different:

A. 3 downs versus 4

B.CFL is a 1 yard lineup on scrimmage from opposing team vs 11 inch in NFL scrimmage. "While large, relatively immobile offensive line players who cannot be penetrated by the defence are valued in American football, the extra distance from the defensive team means Canadian football finds value in more nimble athletes."

C. 20 second play clock in CFL, 40 seconds in the NFL (much easier for those big guys to catch their breath in the NFL)

D. An enforced rule to have your team about half Canadian. (This allows players that would never even be scouted [due to the NFL's political scouting structure, and a CFL structure that would've followed suit had the CFL not enforced the rule. This allowed proof that a half Canadian team is a lot better than people think. Reference: 1994 Grey Cup BC Lions vs Baltimore (no US team had to enforce this rule, all the Baltimore was Americans.)

E. CFL Fields are 30 yards longer, and 15 yards wider than NFL Fields. (This is where the smaller players come in. We could put all 6'5 guys in there that are good at the NFL game, but they will suck with our rules unless they're fast. CFL players need to be smaller and faster. {on that note maybe Pat Quinn would've been a perfect GM for the CFL as he invisioned the NHL was going to get smaller and faster which is why he got rid of the 94 Canucks over the years following.}

F: The ball is also slightly different here's an excerpt from wikianswers : "Canadian Football League rules specify that the long circumference of the ball should be not less than 27¾ inches (705 mm) nor greater than 28¼ inches (718 mm), while the short axis should be no less than 20? inches (530 mm) nor greater than 21? inches (537 mm). The dimensions of the official National Football League and National Collegiate Athletic Association football are specified by its manufacturer as: short circumference: 20¾ to 21¼ inches (527 to 540 mm), long circumference 27¾ to 28½ inches (705 to 724 mm)"

G: CFL has 12 players on the field instead of the NFL's 11. This makes for differences in offense and defense from the NFL. There's no Tight End, instead we have 2 Slotbacks. Instead of 2 safety's the CFL has 2 halfbacks and 1 safety.

H: NFL Teams have THREE count them THREE Timeouts per half. CFL teams only have 1 per half. (More time to rest for those "better" NFLer's)

I: In the CFL Special Teams plays a much bigger role in the game than in the NFL as we Punt more with 3 downs.

J: IN the NFL Drives can last up to half a quarter for one team. In the CFL its much more rare because it is so much faster in many ways listed above (Time count, Lineup, Field, Downs, etc.)

K: Much less time to kill the clock in the CFL than in the NFL. About 60 seconds in the CFL, and closer to 160 seconds in the NFL, so you can basically run down the last 4 minutes in the NFL to nothing, while in the CFL you can only do about 1 minute.

There's so much more too, I could keep going.

Basically what this shows is that the other teams are in fact NOT better in the NFL, and had they have to play a game against the worst team in the CFL they would have major problems. Same with the vise versa.

People need to realize that these leagues are different, neither of them can be better than the other, its apples and pomegranates.

In the end the NFL players are only getting paid more because there was 300 million people to get behind them in the mid 60's and within 10 years of full american support they were able to exceed profits that we had received in the CFL even though we were packing all 9 stadiums quite regularly, something the NFL has never really been able to do but it don't matter cuz they have more teams, more population, more viewers, more advertising dollars, but NOT better players...

...different players made for a different game.

Holy, you got lots of time on your hands :stuck_out_tongue: But i scanned through it and get what your saying.

As long as you read letter B. that pretty much sums up the differences between the two leagues when it comes to player size.

im a die hard cfl fan but im completely disagreeing with buddy who wrote the essay there...you cant take individual players and use them as examples as how the nfl would fare against a cfl team. neither can you use the american cfl teams due to the fact they were all new and only lasted what 4 years? someone mentioned peyton manning earlier...if for some reason he was to step onto a cfl team,it would not be funny, and i would garuntee if the colts came to montreal for example seeing as how they have the best record this season...and they played cfl rules...it would be a blowout there would be almost no contest. i thought for awhile there vick would wind up on a cfl team after being released and if so he would nearly instantly become the best qb in the league. they are bigger they are faster, tim johnson on the stamps now was a third string in the nfl and he is the team leader in tackles in half the games. also the ball size wouldnt make a difference, ive thrown both and ya give a pro player a week and he could fully adjust to any differences. and you think those bigger players are slower? your ill informed watch the draft sometime and see what kind of 40 time the o lineman are running...im willing to bet its faster than the ones here. and the wideouts in the nfl are 5 inches or more taller than the ones here and 50lbs heavier and run faster, the athletes in the nfl are next to none and to say that the only reason they dont play here is cause they cant is stupid. yea its a diff game but it makes no difference its still football, the fundementals are still the same. so keep wishing that the cfl is on par with the nfl in any sense but it wont be nothign more than a dream

jakob7,you make the most sense of anyone in these forums. I completely agree with what you said. I like the Mark Gastineau reference from essay dude. Wow! People need to realize that the CFL and NFL are 2 different games and we should enjoy them each for what they are.

why thankyou and your right its all football...if your a fan youll watch it at any level from any country. im id watch nfl europe if it was on tv to be honest. i compare to hockey for a second. i enjoy watching it whether its the peewee team at the arena on the weekend or the junior teams or the pros even playing it in the red leagues. that is how i feel about football. the great thing about the cfl, nfl and ncaa...i can watch football from friday night all the way to monday night. and its all entertaining. i would also like to mention that williams in TO...what does a running back need to be succsesful? a good line. what is toronto lacking a good line. if pac man jones came up here and played for the bombers...he would already be leading the league in INTs its just how it works

Anyone know how much simon gets payed?

I would guess and say 175 000 - 200 000

So when CFL season is over he probably does not need a job for the off season right? cause thats sure a lot of money.

lots of them do anyways just to keep busy...i know ken-yon rambo teaches in the off season even tho im sure hes not hurting for money either likely being somewhere in the 80-100,000 range at the very least

I think that most of them know they will have to work after football so they finish their degrees and get off season jobs and what not. I know some guys that played two are financial advisors, three own buissnesses, one teacher, one electrician.