Why do NFL fans feel a need to bash the CFL

If I find out someone is a NFL fan I don't bash their league.

Why does it seem like every time a NFL fan finds out I am a CFL fan they feel a need to bash the CFL?

edit:Sorry, I know this is a thread people don't want to see, but I'm mad

huh is this thread really necessary? Who cares what some people think, I like both leagues, why do some NFL, CFL, NBA ,MLB and MLS fans feel a need to bash the NHL?

answer: who cares

You're a little light on context. Can you be more specific? Where were you and what happened? i.e in a bar and some drunken yahoo saw you in CFL stuff and made a comment? What town?

I've calmed down now, but it was on a hockey forum in the off-topic thread. Someone said Tom Brady was GOAT (greatest of all time). I said Anthony Calvillo was dope (as in one of my favourite QBs). The guy kept going on and on about CFL talent level. He wouldn't talk about game play, though. And he didn't answer the few times I asked how many CFL games he has seen

Yes, who cares.
It's more like why do CFL fans bash the NFL all the time?

I think jealousy goes both ways on this one in the sense "NFL only counts" fans are confused how people can get into the CFL and "CFL only counts" fans feel the same way about the NFL. :wink:

It goes both ways, there are some on this site that accuse anybody who raises a question about the CFL as anti CFL and just start name calling.The NFL is the biggest pro league in the world , the CFL isn't even in the top 10 . I,m just happy the CFL IS entertaining and is our league. I know some people are under the illusion that a lot of CFL players play here for the love of the game. They all would bolt at a 2nd string job in the NFL. Even the Canadian kids, they would be stupid if they didn't.

I am on some NFL boards,and one thing I notice is the canadians that bash the CFL on those boards. It seems they are trying to please thier american couterparts by not giving the CFL any credit almost like they are embarressed of the league . I push the CFL on NFL boards and I get some crap from americans, which is OK I am on thier boards ,but it is the canadians that really come after me.

Its confusing pikk for these Canadians and their only way to react is to try and make fun. It's funny I find though, love wearing my TiCat stuff around town and get smirks from people, it's cool. 8)

It's just a pride thing. No different than someone telling you, " My house is bigger than yours" or " I drive a BMW, what you are you driving?"

Sport is, by definition, competitive. So, sports fans slag each other's teams (seen Area 51's sigfile?), leagues (this thread), sports (baseball? zzz), and each other (you know who I mean). Sometimes it's fun, sometimes it gets mean-spirited, sometimes it's over the line.

Personally I haven't time to follow any sport with 30 teams in it.

Yep, it's mainly Canadians on NFL boards who are the most viscous against the CFL. Most Americans could care less about the CFL.

There is also an anti-CFL bias in much of our national media, who idolize and aggrandize the NFL while putting down the CFL as bush league or second-rate. CFL supporters don't have a broadcast media to fight back, only forums like this one, dedicated to Canadian football to voice our love for the CFL (save one annoyingly regular poster.) :expressionless:

Well I try not to pay too much attention to those who "bash" other pro sports leagues in North America. The CFL is a solid pro sports league just look at the TV ratings of CFL games. The NFL itself does not bash the CFL in fact they embrace it as a very important league for the pro football landscape in North America.