Why Do i Love This League So Much???

The recent news about the Argos, MLSE and BMO felt like a kick to the stomach. I had to ask myself, "Why Do I Love This League So Much???". Being a CFL fan is bad for your health.

The question is... Is it worth it???

I have enjoyed the league for 47 years. Seen the best of the best and its been a good ride. I could say good bye to it now if I had to. If the asinine cflpa doesn't get it together and realize how good they have it and accept the lastest offer from the league, then I am fine if the league would just cancel this season, or even fold. Lets see what the players would do then and how many of them would wish they had not rocked the boat and just played ball.

CFL is the best man. No way do ever do seasons for a league where fighters, for example, in the NHL can make close to a million a year or where in other cases the big millionaires go back down to the States or Caribbean and laugh all the way to bank - thank you Canada for paying for my salary to sit on the beach here and live like a king. Canada - we love ya! :stuck_out_tongue:

Ok, now there is the Scandinavian, Russians who are saying the same of course. On the Black Sea. Or the fjords. :stuck_out_tongue:

Canada - we love ya! 8)

Paying for a CFL players salary, I know they are working for a career or job right off the bat since they know they won't be rich from the CFL. The way any pro sport should exactly be. :thup: And, of course, at least about half the players actually are Canadian. :thup:


I will say this to those that know it is so worth it!!! That is one thing I can say about this possible lockout!!! Its like almost losing your wife of 14 years ...yup you take it for granted but ohhhh the thought of going away suckkksss...I would miss not only the players and the game but the sense of family at a game with the people I sit around!!!!

I am proud to say I've turned on a lot of people to the CFL. All of them are still lifelong fans. The one thing that they all say is the reason that they got hooked on the league is " the game is exciting." They usually say that they didn't watch football before because it was too slow and were very surprised that our game is so fast. :thup:

I don't know what I would do with out it.

When you say the recent new about the Argos, MLSE and BMO, felt like a kick in the stomach. Do you mean the fact that they are going ahead anyway to expand BMO and they are still talking with the Argos?
I thought it was good news that the door is not closed on the Argos playing out of BMO.

Agree slimjim, I also see it your way with this. The CFL has indicated it would love to work with the city of Toronto and MLSE and keep the team close to downtown Toronto and be part of an enhanced BMO Field. But the CFL and the Argos aren't that desperate that they are going to sell the Argos for a used rubber tire. So there is room there to keep working on a deal and it seems that is what is happening. :thup:

Is BMO Field my first choice for the Argos? No, something in the Vaughan, York Univ. area is and partner with a new group of soccer people and this is something that could happen if MLSE and BMO doesn't work out. Under new ownership which is a challenge though.

Yes Earl you are finally making some sense about plan B, hopefully there is same.
If Mr. Braley can re approach the City of Miss or Vaughan with a private and government sponsorship, the heck with BMO and the core in the city.

Yes ArgoT, I never mean't ever that Plan B, after BMO/MLSE if that doesn't work out, should be to put the team in dormancy. I realize I may have come across like that at times, for whatever reason, probably when I've had some pops. :wink:

But agree, if the only way to play at BMO and have MLSE as ownership is to fork over the Argos for a disrespectful price, then Plan B should be to go north.

What is a disrespectful price to you earl? In my books and many others would say this Argo franchise isn't worth more then $1 to buy. This team practices and training centre in past years have been run in molded up trailers and high school fields all over the Gta. They don't even have a practice facility to practice on this year. They have the poorest season ticket base in the cfl with somewhere around 5,000 being sold. Last years edf game had attracted a crowd of 15,000 people from toronto very poor for the winner advancing to the grey cup. Braley has brought the attention of the media to an all time low covering the Argos. Don't know what you and Braley think of asking for a high price for a franchise that is in such disconnect with people in toronto. If Braley wants top dollar for the franchise I got some advice for him why doesn't he spend some time this year in rebuilding this franchise and actually start showing up to games and teams functions and put some money into the franchise to gain some respect with its people.

That's your opinion and some others 1991 and not shared by all.

My guess is Braley will make you and your many others that think like you look foolish with your thinking the team is worth garbage. Time will tell, eh? :wink:

I bet Braley is just anxiously waiting in his chair for you to give him your solid advice. :lol:

....The three down football game gets in your blood...It's certainly been in mine since 1957...I've seen so much over the years, great successes, expansion, near failure but it keeps coming back and so do I...The CFL is certainly unique and although not flush with cash and glitz like the nfl (wasn't that way back in the day) this league and all of it's Canadian cities will likely be a big part of me till my end...AND I'm crossing my fingers and hoping that ain't anytime soon :lol:

  1. Because the CFL is played by people that still LOVE football 8)
  2. Because the guys on the feild still have to get an education and/or Career
  3. Because there are no pampered spoilled rich guys on our teams - EVERYONE works to stay on the roster or they aren't on the roster.
  4. Because it's "Radically Canadian"
  5. Because of the (generally) good comradery with ALL CFL fans (except maybe those "inbred watermellon wearing" green ones :wink: )
  6. Because "our balls are bigger" (I know, I know ... that's not really true anymore, but it's still fun to say)
  7. Because we still play outdoors when the snow falls! :rockin:
    8 ) Because we can do in three downs what takes an american 4 downs to do :wink:
  8. Because it's still a relatively inexpensive form of entertainment for the whole family
  9. Because the CFL is OUR GAME and I am proud of our League (except maybe those "back water, web toed, unable to count" green ones :twisted: )

[b]11) Because as a nation we come together to support OUR LEAGUE and have enough pride and a sense of humor to be able to "poke fun" at each other light heartedly in our rivalries!

  1. Because this league brings our nation together (and hopefully soon it will be coast to coast)![/b]

  2. Because just like our country, this league does not give in to outside pressure and continues to grow and thrive!


I appreciate this post because I admit to my own crisis of faith these days.

I've supported the Rough Rider and Renegade circus acts, and every effort in between and since to have a team. All for the great privilege of calling myself a "fan", which didn't prevent quite a few people from telling me I was an idiot for doing so, and that I don't deserve a team regardless. And much of that was from fellow league fans, no less, that you would think you'd have in your corner.

Now as I finally look forward to something positive, I'm rewarded by having millionaires complain about having fewer millions, and players who make more than I do (in half the time) lament that they can't live with the choices that they've made.

My wife and I bought a cottage two years ago. We love the place. We've rearranged our schedule around RedBlacks home games. She's not a fan, but I have to ask her to make a sacrifice and I don't feel real good about it these days.

While these guys are all complaining about not making enough money, I'm starting to wonder about how much I could save by not spending on a bunch of people who don't seem to appreciate it anyway. The great privilege of calling myself a fan doesn't come with a great deal of benefits and is starting to look less and less rational by the day.

Good posts guys....It seems that everyone is arguing"owners or players", who's right ? All I see is greed on both sides and the losers in all this are us fans... I know people who don't watch the NHL anymore after the last pile of bull. The NHL can afford those loses, not sure the CFL can.

I used to be a pretty big fan of the NBA and gave up on it when they had a work stoppage years ago (and one player joked about having to sell one of his man cars or some such). Life has gone on just fine.

My dilemna here is more that because I got involved a bit in speaking in favour of this team, and I FINALLY have tickets, front row, upper deck, will I regret dumping them if the league cancels a handful of games?

If it wasn’t for the fact that it’s kicking your own ass, I would love for the fans to unite and refuse to show up on any given weekend (or two. One home game for every team). Let them play to empty seats across the the country for a week or two and see if they appreciate us then. Stop telling me you love me while you’re slapping me across the face. :roll:

I was going to comment on Ottawa finally coming back and the league going on strike. We need stability, not the crap we’re getting. The fans are doing their part, TSN is doing their part, what parts are missing ?