Why do Canadians Hate the CFL?

I've always wondered if people in Scotland dump on the SPL because it's not the EPL or Austrians crapping on their Bundesliga.

Sweden's view on the SHL since it's not the NHL and so on.

Yet I don't hear about Canadians dumping on the CPL. Maybe not enough people know it exists.

Strangely enough, at some websites some of these people have weaseled themselves into positions of power and protect others who feel the same.

Only in Canada, pity! (As they used to say in the old tea commercials.)

They don't crap on them, they seem to have enough self esteem to accept them for what they are and are still able to support them.

Funny how the XFL became so popular. You know you can't be serious if you gravitate to a McMahon non wrestling venture. :slight_smile:

Because its the cool thing to do for people who are followers.

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Number One reason or better yet syndrome is they are usually big NFL fans and see the CFL as getting in their way some how of their enjoyment of their preferred league .

A know quite a few so called NFL fans who have proudly boasted that the CFL is bush league and are under the impression that the CFL is filled with NFL rejects. However I've noticed that a lot of these NFL fans are just bandwagoners who go to Buffalo Bills games and then only talk about the tailgating. Most of these CFL detractors don't even know basic football terminology. I have to routinely explain terms like "pick six" or what is a 2 point safety.

No. These are not real football fans. If they were then they would recognize the talent and entertainment value of both the NFL and CFL.


Many years ago, when Rick Matsumoto had his CFL section in the old "Street and Smith's" pro football magazine, he had a quote from commissioner Mitchell about Canadians not appreciating what they had, including by inference the CFL. I could never understand why. The Canadian game is so much more fun to watch, and I played and coached the American version for years. For years I've tried to tell friends and family to watch. Back when the league played more on Sundays I would almost always pick a CFL game on ESPN over the NFL. You have a great game and I always hope more people would realize that as the case so the league thrives.

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There are generally two "schools" of CFL haters. One is the "NFL type" as has been described here.

They generally are very open with their comments "CFL sucks" and basically think it is the thing to do to fit in at the water cooler.

They often focus on the Argos as they may or may not see the Argos standing in the way of their US football dream. You often see this in the media, Sportsnet was admittedly guilty of this. And before anyone wants to edit this out, they have gone on record admitting their previous poor treatment of the league and Argos. You saw a definate change in their coverage leading up to and after the total MLSE purchase of the Argos.

As opposed to the open type of insult work there is the insidious type. This is generally the domain of the soccer folk. They believe they have something to gain by the failure of the CFL. In their eyes if the CFL fails that suddenly leaves everything wide open for soccer to ascend.

This really wasn't much of an issue until the Argos moved to BMO and then the hate campaign began. They would sign on to CFL websites pretending to be CFL fans and insidiously plant FUD. Previously their jealousy/hate was towards "fat baseball players" (they were never crazy enough to attack hockey).

But the CFL became public enemy number one when the Argos moved to BMO. Over the years it has lessened somewhat but it is still happening. These posts/posters are easy to recognize if you know the signs. One of the simple things is to use the common sense test. If you were really a fan of something would your posts be negative 99.9% of the time? These posts are often couched in little digs which might be imperceptible but if you looked at other posts from the same people you see the pattern.

Like the video, I can't understand why people would hate on the CFL and why there is a reluctance to fight this. It is beyond me and to put up with this, especially now when the league is vulnerable (according to the runner of this site) is well beyond me.

This is just my opinion of course but I can site numerous examples to prove the point.

I know whenever I see or hear those words that the commenters are know nothings (not you Krisiun :slight_smile: ). It is used as a pejorative only and is meant to inflame rather than be an actual descriptor of the game. Put them on the spot to tell you why it's bush league and they can't. You might hear something about a point for a missed field goal but all you need to do is describe what the rouge actually is and why the rule is the way it is and then mention the exciting play "fair catch" :slight_smile:

It would be an interesting study to see what would happen if the CFL was able to offer comparable pay to the NFL like they were able to do decades ago. Would the perception change or is there still a lingering inferiority complex that IMO died a long time ago in this country but remains in one important geographical region. JMO

[quote="Dakota78, post:8, topic:67550"]
...I could never understand why. The Canadian game is so much more fun to watch, and I played and coached the American version for years. For years I've tried to tell friends and family to watch. Back when the league played more on Sundays I would almost always pick a CFL game on ESPN over the NFL. You have a great game and I always hope more people would realize that as the case so the league thrives.
Good Post Dakota78. The CFL is the best Canadian Rules League in the World. Most cases the players are smaller than the NFL types because of the larger field but are highly talented athletes also. It is a somewhat different game which requires a different player. I don't know why people can't just enjoy both Leagues.

Well, I can honestly say that I can enjoy most brands of football (CFL/USports/NCAA) other than the NFL. I just don't like it, the entitlement, the politics, the game being over with time on the clock etc. But that's just me, and I'm also not actively trying to promote the league going out of existence like many do with the CFL.

I don't have an issue with some Canadians not liking the CFL, just don't actively campaign against it, there's no need of it.

Part of the issue could be the never ending issue of having a complex thats been a part of Canadian society for years.

The over reliance of American based influence is always rampant.

My kids love the Canadian version of the game. Never influenced them in any way.

Just allowed them to decide which version is better. They are only 11 years old.

Why don't fans support the AHL, Triple A baseball, or women's professional hockey or basketball? Why don't they support local amateur teams and sports like track and field, swimming, skiing?

Perhaps, we tend to gravitate to what we think is the "best" or maybe to what we see reported more often in the media. I'm sure many leagues and sports below the "elite" professional levels ask themselves that question on a regular basis. Apparently it is a difficult question to answer.

The "it isn't the best" argument is the lamest and worst excuse going.

Some might actually legitimately believe it, but, if one does, they are eliminating every league of soccer aside from the EPL or previously La Liga (which would eliminate the EPL and most obviously MLS), it eliminates Japanese professional baseball, the KHL in hockey, the old AFL and ABA (which greatly influenced their merger counterparts) and basically every woman's sport.

The list goes on and on. Apparently none of them are worth watching because they are "not the best"

The difference between the CFL and those sports, at least in Canada, is the degree of condescension and outright antipathy it receives.

And the question is why? Which goes right back to what the guy was saying in the original video.

The question should read,
Why does southern Ont. and Que. hate the CFL?

I sound like a broken record but I feel that the CFL interferes with their NFL dreams in Toronto and Montreal area .

They feel they are being kept from local NFL teams even though they cheer for Dallas or Pittsburgh .

I Could be wrong .