WHY dis we ever trade these guys?

just a simple question ... cause i am not sure of the answer.

  1. Why did we ever get rid of Geroy Simon, or not re-sign him?
  2. Brian Clark? What a monster and he is gone, why? he was great in Blue and Gold.

That is just 2 players i can think of that i don't know why they are not here, and in reality i don't think we have anything to show from either of them, i think B.C owes us...LOL... :rockin:

As I recall...

I think Geroy played out his option and then tried his luck in the NFL. We weren't too concerned because we had Arland Bruce to replace him. Imagine if we had somehow kept both those guys and Milt?

2 Calgary outbid us for Brian Clark. Plus I think he had some issues with Management

Kubie is right.... but as a side note on Simon....Geroy was all set to return to the Bombers in a package deal from the leos after he signed there....but Burratto, who was coach of the lions at that time, nixed the deal....we tried to get him back....

Brian Clark wanted more money....we upped the cash....but apparently wasn't enough....so he rode off to cowtown...where they offered him more gold....that was a tough loss... :thdn: