Why didn't we go for 2?

On our first TD in the second half we made the score 19 - 14. If we get the 2 point convert, we are just a field goal back. If we miss it we are 5 points back which is no different than being 4 points back, i.e. you need a TD to pull ahead. This is simple math and yet again, we have a coach that doesn't recognize this. You would think that one of the coaches would be responsible for reminding the HC to go for two. Hopefully they learn from this.

Also, I really wish we would start punting out of the end zone. Years ago Ozzie would punt out of the end zone all the time. I guess we have no faith in our defense, but as a caller said last night, make them earn it. If they get the field goal it's only one more point then what we give them with a safety. But hey, they may not even get the field goal. So much can go wrong for an offense, including fumbles, interceptions, penalties, sacks ... point is, let's starting punting out of the end zone please. Setta is the best in the league, he may even boom it over their head. We gave up 4 points last night via the safety, what did we lose by???

Because it was in the Third Quarter maybe? WIth a ton of football left. Its not like we would not see the football again. I swear, some people think a 2 point conversion is a given. Far from it. You use it WHEN its necessary...which is in the 4th Quarter when doing it creates the scenario you said.

As for your second point, when punting with Setta standing 15 yards in our own Endzone, if he gets off a boomer punt, its fielded at the 50 (for arguments sake)..I believe Armstead averaged 14 yards per punt return so using that average, the scrimmage on OUR 36....already in field goal range. How much is a field goal worth? 3. How much is a safety worth (plus the field position we maintain) 2. Now thats simple math if I've ever heard it.

If we miss it we would of been 5 points behind and if they score a field goal we would of been 8 points behind. This way we stay in a two score option.

Denis, maybe you've misunderstood. If we miss it we are 5 points behind. i.e. we made the score 19 - 14 after being down 19 - 8, we got 6 points for the TD, before the one point convert.

mycko75, thanks for your response. I hear ya. I know it was only the 3rd quarter and we will have the ball several more times, however, it's about playing to win or playing not to lose. To me, being down 5 or being down 4 is really no difference. However, being down 3 means one field goal ties it. I still go for two. I know we won't always get it, obviously, I don't think it's a give in, but I would rather try to get it and fail then taking the conservative approach and needing a TD either way.

As for punting out of the end zone, yes, I know 3 points is more than 2, but hey, you are assuming that 3 points is a given, last night we watch both teams miss "easy" field goals, I don't think it's a given. I say give our defense a chance to stop them and MAKE them kick the field goal. Also, they don't have the greatest kicker, he is more than capable of missing field goals.

Oh wait Denis, I understand what you were saying now. Never mind.

i think there was another thread with this 2 pt thing. Only go for 2 when you need to. the 3rd qtr is not the time to do it

suitor said he asked mb why he didnt go for it last week and he answered that there is a chart that tells you when to go for it. The chart is supposed to be for the last 7 minutes of the game and unless its within the last 7 minutes of the game the rule of thumb is you take the point, so thats what he does and thats why he does it.

Sorry, I have to agree with MB. Only go for the 2 pts late in the 4th quarter. And as for punting out of the end zone…you seem to assume that with the good field position that you’re giving the Bombers, that they’re only going to get a field goal. The way Glenn was moving the ball, you’ve given him an excellent chance at a TD. And then how many points are you down NOW.

After one of the safties we gave up, they came down and scored a TD anyway. So now they have 9 points rather than just 7. All I’m saying is I hate “giving away” points. Yes, giving them great field position isn’t good, but at least they still have to earn their points.

But I don’t think anyone expected them to get a TD.

Another example of this is not going for it on third and inches on our own 20 a couple games ago. We kick and they return it to our 25.

Unfortunately these things happen sometimes.