Why didnt we draft Lumsden??

Another in a long line of brilliant moves. We have 2 of the top 5 picks in last year's draft and Lumsden goes 6th.

At the very least, you draft him then hold out for a huge trade, like the Alouettes tried to do to the Gades with Palmer.

Can we get a coaching staff in here? Please? A GM? Someone who knows what they're doing? RIdiculous.

lumsden was built up to be going to the nfl for sure, so we picked a much safer pick in cam yeow, a linebacker. a position that we need some canadiens in

But then we traded the 5th pick so we could get a Canadian kicker!!! So, instead we could have used an American kicker all year and had a future star Canadian Running Back. Instead we now have an average-at-best kicker who cant send a kickoff past the opponents 30 yard line. Horrible drafting. (again)

Because you let Eric Tillman go in favour of Forrest (Gump) Gregg.

Would we have really needed Lumsden though? It would've been too much of a chance (with him ebing considered for the NFL)

First of all, we barely use Josh Ranek in most games.
Second of all, we DON'T use Corey Hathaway and Sean Bennett, who were both awesome in the offseason.

I think going for a linebacker. If we develop him properly, he could become a good player! (God knows we need good defensive players after Friday's game!)

i think they went with the safe bet. I don't see Lumsden staying in the CFL for very long.