Why didn't Lumsden get the ball more in the second half?

Lumsden had 100+ yards in the first half and then we handed him the ball 3 or 4 times in the second half.
Here are the usual reasons given for abandoning the run:
We were playing catch up. (Not true last night)
It wasn't working. (Obviously not true)
The passing game was working better. (Of course not)

I'm at a loss with this one.....any ideas?

I agree with you, if the run is working keep stuffing it down their throats.

The reason the run is working now is because the D isn't expecting it when we do. In the first 2 weeks the run was useless for us because everyone was all geared up to shut it down because we were predictable. I didn't watch the second half but ya i agree he should gotten more than 4 carries especially when the D would be be tired.

With our offense struggling to do anything this year you would think we would stick to anything that is working because very little has worked so far.....

Lumsden didn't get the ball becaause other things were open but sadly our QB didn't get the ball to the recievers often enough to make BC pay for their adjustments