Why didn't Higgins challenge!

Ill post the video tomorrow

Burris + Higgins = brain fart x 2 :lol:

Refs edit up badly with the Rob Murphy penalty. They gave him a 15 yard unnecessary roughness and a loss of down. One problem, this penalty cannot result in a loss of down. Big big edit that I hope the CFL apologizes for.

Yes it can when it comes after play has stoped

Nope, incorrect call. It's ok, we won. No complaining here.

Learn the rules!

NOTE: The Rules Committee has declared its total abhorrence of Rough
Play and Unnecessary Roughness. Officials are instructed that no tolerance
whatsoever is to be given to infractions under this Section.
Article 1 – General Application
(a) The penalty for a major foul shall be applied in addition to:
i) any other penalty for any other foul and,
ii) the advantage of any distance gained or score made.
(b) If the foul occurs during a scrimmage play prior to a first down being
gained, the non-offending team may elect to have the penalty applied:
i) from the point of the last scrimmage with the same down repeated
ii) from the point where the ball became dead on the play with the downs


I think Khari thought it was a fumble but backed the ref when the replay was so close.

Khari seems to fumble his words a lot and seems lost out there. God bless him and I hope he keeps his job.

After the replay he said he felt it was close

Now he claims the rule book is wrong!

well, Murphy isn't dirty....just misunderstood.
I'll look for this play when I watch the game later today....
But obviously a rough play penalty after the play is yardage AND a down.

Actually you have a choice.
If no yards(or very few) are gained you can apply the yards and the down.
If there was a big play you can disallow the play and replay the down 15 yards back.

Just watched the play in question and guess what?
The refs called it correctly.
The Leos kept the yardage gained on the play, and the 15 yard penalty was assessed from that point.

Second and 23.

Good call refs!!

Didn't matter much, 5-0.

5-0 and still whining about every little call that happens to go against your team.
Do you have any camembert to go with that?

When you're perfect, every little thing seems to get magnified. Some people are freaking out here and should probably relax given our current record.

Because according to the rules it is not a reviewable play:

  1. When the QB is hit while throwing: if it is ruled as a fumble and the offence successfully challenges the play as an incomplete pass; if the correct ruling is incomplete pass, the ball shall be ruled incomplete with downs continuing. (Note: If it is ruled as an incomplete pass; then the play is not reviewable)

I found that after

It is confusing as throughout the rest of the replay book it talks about reviewing incomplete passes. Why in the instance that a qb is hit it is not reviewable, I am not sure.