Why didn't Higgins challenge!

That incomplete/fumble by Jackson was close....Why wasn't it challenged

No idea.

I was wondering why he didn't go for 2 instead of 1 down by 5. Of course they went for 2 later in the game but being down by 4 opposed to 3 makes no sense.

And my above comment is hard to make sense of :slight_smile:

higgins is gonna coach himself out of a job; him and danny m in Edmonton will be working the soup line together.
Wally throws a challenge flag on a non play just to get the ref over to him-- how many more penalties on BC after that? ZERO NONE NADA how many on Calgary-- 7 to be exact-- so BC's 3rd stringer played a great game and Calgary got outcoached-- again.... BTW do you think Steve and Khari are blowing Henry because there was lots of love for the 5 turnovers.

After the game the CBC panel said the Head Ref in Toronto said it was an incomplete pass as his arm was going forward.
After seeing the replay I have to agree.

Because George Black called immediately after the play and told them it was an incomplete pass (courtesy of CBC)

I think the coaches are saving the challenges for ones that they can win. I know I have orange tinted glasses, but I couldn't see the refs overturning that one. Higgins made the right choice.

Wont be the first time!

Still it was close, and Higgens didnt know that

Can't blame the refs for this loss, the Stamps and specifically Hank Burris have to look in the mirror.

well of course the head ref in toronto would agree-- they are all inept His arm was coming forward to tuck the ball as you can clearly see in the reverse angle. The refs will stick together like flies on crap...... INEPT.

I’m sure he would have lost the challenge anyway - there was not enough conclusive evidence.

Im not so sure about that!
The reverse angle looked like he was tucking the ball away to protect it

so tucking is bringing your arm forward.... hmmm ibelieve the nfl has a tuck rule. it was a conclusive fumble!


To me it looked like Jackson changed his mind from throwing the ball, to bringing the ball down to protect it....his arm was still in a forward motion so it was a tough call...

but that is what replay is for and lets face it; i dont think the CFL teams has a room full of assistants watching the two cbc angles and listening to steve blither.

I agree except that it looked to me like he was bringing his arm down and not forward.

it was a tuck; oh well another inept CFL official missing the call.

Do you believe that or do you just want to whine about the refs?

His arm went forward and then the tuck occurred when he was being tackled.
Overall, I thought the reffing was good tonight.