Why didn't Als nominate Edwards for Most Outstanding Player?

He got what, 17 touchdowns. This strikes me as bizarre.

Yeah, this is kinda weird. I always thought he was a really intimidating player. He runs hard and catches pretty well. Gee, the more I type this the more I'm convincing myself that Edwards really was overlooked. It's too bad.

I dont really get why he wasnt nominated either. Not htat cahoon had a bad year by any stretch but edwards was unstoppable inside the 5

Because the Als did not nomnate anyone. The press does. All the selections that were made came through a voting process involving the media.

Ignoring Robert Edwards was just another proof that our local media have no freakin' idea whatsoever about what they're talking about. They don't care, they don't try, and then, they can't stop whining when a guy like Don Matthews give them a stupid answer to go with their stupid questions.

Amen. I’m embarrassed to be a Montreal sports fan when I read what our press has to say about the Als. Most of it is garbage.

I find it funny what hte press says about them. I remmeber the day after that loss to the esks at hteolympic stadium Jack Todd was all over calvillo for blowing the game for us, how he shanked so many passes, missed open receivers etc. A few days later in his column he was singing praises of Calvillo for playing one of his best games and how the defence let him down and how they missed tackles and couldnt cover etc.

Hey, the press is the press, what can you do but put your hands up in the air sometimes and go WTF?

I still haven't got over the fact that Damon Allen won the CFL MOP 2005....

Even if he finished 3rd in stats...yup, something you have to wonder !

That was a sympathy vote. Anyways. They are always so off. When Montreal won the Grey Cup in 2002, that victory had Jermaine Copeland written all over it. But Calvillo was named MVP… because he had such a great season!

WTF?.. The MOP award is there for the guy who had the greatest season. The Grey Cup MVP belongs to the best player on that specific day.

And what about Mike Maurer, the 2005 Most valuable Canadian of the Grey Cup game… Puh-leaaaaase!

Edwards had a pretty decent year, but how can anyone be all that unhappy with Cahoon as your selection?
I might add, the selection was not unanimous, so no doubt Edwards got some votes.
It was between those 2, Cahoon got it, not a big deal.

Now Mike Maurer getting CMVP in the Cup last year? That was a travesty....I didn't know being the designated fall guy was such a worthy position....

I would of nominated Ben Cahoon before Robert Edwards. First of all, a biased reason, Cahoon is my favourite player on the Als roster :lol:

Secondly, in key situations, Calvillo knows who to look for, and that's #86. When you need a first down or a big play, when Calvillo looked for Cahoon, they got it. When they went to Edwards, with the exception of a few games, he didn't get it, and that fault is mostly on the shoulders of the 0-Line.

Edwards had a good year, should of been better had Calvillo give him the ball a little more.

For me, since these are 2 wonderfully gifter athletes that us Alouette fans are lucky to have, I would judge it by consistency. And for me, I would base my vote on consistency, and Cahoon wins in that category. For the simple reason, Edwards was not utilized enough.

I disagree that Edwards wasn't used enough. Third in the league in rushing, and about a zillion rushing TDs: both those stats tell me that he was the guy who got the ball when we needed yardage or a score. When we needed to grind out a win in the fourth quarter, guess who got the ball? It's not that I object to Cahoon being nominated -- he's a phenomenal player -- but Edwards deserved at least a nomination from our local media. But that would actually require guys like Jack Todd to analyze games instead of spouting ad hominem attacks against a 67-year-old coach with health problems.

Getting 3 carries a half isn't quite being utilized enough. When Edwards takes the ball, picks up a good chunk of yards, then the next play again, then the next 20 plays are passes to Anderson or Watkins.

Edwards was 3rd in yards and carries. I wont say he was "underused" but I will say he was not used to his potential

the only reason why edwards didnt break the record is becuz he doesnt get the ball in those situations