Why didn't Albert Johnson just throw the ball out of bounds?

At least give our team a chance to go for it. And for god's sake why run out of bounds if there is no time left on the clock. Don't run out the clock entirely and THEN go out of bounds.

Well I'm off to sulk in a corner. See you all later.

iunno he shoulda taken a knee, we all know that we can pull out some big play outta our asses we did it once stupid eskimoes HAHAHA. But i am with BD with this i need to go hide in the corner.

I'm saddend I wanted a green and gold gren cup.. I agree with the 00:00 on the clock and running out of bounds... did you notice mike o'shea take his arm and then talk to him and point at the clock.. ? that woulda hurt :frowning: ...

you'll all still party on the 19th, so dont sulk to long... there still is some ball to play

party on the 19th and the week leading up to it. the GC will be a good game as per always. hopefully no blow out. and i must cheer on my undefeated university of manitoba bisons

who will get beat by the huskies :lol:

When AJ ran down the clock, I wondered if any coach bothered to give him instruction on what to do...looked like he was on his own...or did we all give up at that point of the game..

I don't want to be the one to make the suggestion, but perhaps he felt the need to score the winning touchdown himself, even if it meant depriving his team of a (slim) chance to win it. Could it be that in Johnson they have a guy who puts his own glory ahead of the good of his team?

Like I said, I don't want to be the one to suggest it.

Why would Johnson take it upon himself to score the winning TD when he had done much on returns all game.

because people always want to be heros and thats all that was going through his head. he just wanted to be the bombers saviour.

You could be right footballmad..
May be AJ was guilty of....
Trying to find an opening into Super Star Status..
Or he just might of been.... confused...

Except how does running out of bounds make any sense?

If he was trying to get a big return to win the game then I'm sure he would have at least forced the other team to tackle him rather than running out of bounds.

The whole thing makes no sense.

He should have got someone to run behind him and kicked it!