Why did you really go to the Winnipeg game??

I was speaking to a couple of freinds Saturday night who happen to be season ticket holders.

One set of friends were going to the game to say good bye to their season ticket holding neighbors.
My friends are not renewing, and were only going to the game to say good bye to the folks/friends that they have been sitting with for a few years.
Kind of sad actually. they love the Cats, made almost every game for years, and the thing they will miss is the folks that they sit around. Not to watch the football game. The reason for leaving is a limited social budget with too many laughable games that just wore them out.

My other buddy was attending the last game to say good bye to the elderly couple that sat beside him for years. They too are not returning.

How many fans went to the last game for the game day experience minus the on field game??

Me and the missus made the trek from TO for the 4th time this season because I'm a CFL (and Argo) fan. We enjoy the IWS crowd and ambience. We even like Hamilton. This isn't a back handed complement but Hamilton reminds me of Toronto when I was a kid in the 50s.

I really wish the Cats were better though. Some of those mid-season games were among the worst I've ever seen. I felt badly for the die-hard Cats fans around us. However, we'll be back for games at IWS next season (to watch the boys in blue polyester trounce the Tabbies).

Oh yes, a special thanks to ALNCRAC for selling me tickets to some of the games we attended.

An Argo fan

It was sad to not be able to give my unused season tickets to people wandering around the stadium. I saw plenty of people giving out tickets on Balsam for free. One lady even had 11 she couldn't get rid of...

I did go to the game & never intended not to.

Your’re a good fan BF with an attitude some fans could learn from.

For the same reason I go to every game, I love Ticat football. Has it been a rough year? Absolutely!! Would I ever not go to a game I have a chance to go to?? No way. I always go and I'll go every game next season and whatever road trips I can make. I don't remember a time when I wasn't a fan and I'll be a fan until they bury me. I also went to see the 86 Grey Cup team (even though Wayne Lee wasn't there), to say thank you to Pigskin Pete for his many years of wonderful support to the team and to see some of the players one last time. I know there are a lot who will not be back next year.

I went to see Pig Skin's final game. Didn't go to the previous 2 games. Couldn't even find someone who wanted the tickets.

I will be renewing in hopes that the entertainment value of the game will improve.

Simple: love going to TiCat games and being a season ticket holder, why not. That's why season ticket holders are first class citizens compared to all others, we have paid upfront to be "in the stadium" no matter what, or not to go "no matter what." But we paid up front. Same reason why places do things for people who are members of this or that. A season ticket holder means to be a member, in this case a member of the Ticats organization. I am proud to be a member of the TiCats organization. Probably will get seasons tickets next year that are a bit cheaper though since I am getting maxed out now with spending on other stuff, but I'll be there, nevertheless.

Why did I go … some of the same reasons … I’m a CFL and Cats fan and like to watch football (and heck Williams throw to DJ and Morreale’s catch were worth the price!)

To honour our very own Pigskin for his dedication

And to say “have a good year” to the folks we sit beside at IWS. My DH gets the season tix from a friend but if we didn’t get the tix from this guy I’d be buying as season’s pass.

As I said to my Dad (who I got a GC 07 ticket for) I bought you a ticket to a Ti-Cats game … hope springs eternal :thup:

Actually, next year with the GC in Toronto, almost like being in Hamilton, I will definitely not get as good season tickets so I can spend the difference on going to the Grey Cup, this makes sense to me.

I had to be there. It was PigSkin Petes last game and a chance to see Grover for the first time in 20 years. I was successful on both.
Paul (PP3rd) is truly an icon to our game in Hamilton. Even though I remember PP 2nd I was still fairly little, but Paul will forever be in my heart. He was there the first time I said Oskee Wee Wee in Uniform and pics with my kids since they could toddle. His dedication over the years well there are no words. So not to be there for him would have been a crime. For me it is truly an end to an era. We will have to see next year wether or not I return and spend hard earned dollars on a product that has lacked spirit and intensity this year. Entertainment dollars are hard to come by when your a single income family.

Wanted to use my last flex ticket plus I sit on the Sunny (North) side of the field :smiley:

I was there because I already had a ticket, the weather was nice, Pigskin Pete's last game and the team from 86. If it had been raining I would have stayed home. The people I was with, those around me and friends I met under the stands pretty much said the same thing. No one mentioned that they came to see the game!

I have had season tickets for 34 years, not boasting just making a statement. In that time I have missed 4 home games because of holidays or family commitments.Over that time I have seen some wonderful football and some magnificent players. I have suffered through heat, rain and cold and some very poor football, like all true fans. I have never suffered through anything like this year! And yes if it had even looked like rain Sunday I would have stayed away.

If the comments from the people around me, almost all long term season ticket holders and big time fans were made elsewhere in the stadium then the team has some really problems on the horizon. When everyone said "See you next year" the reply was "maybe, maybe not" or just "Not bloody likely".

Anyway, went to the game hoping for something good, expecting the worst and I wasn't disappointed. Cheers.

I will not be renewing my season tickets because I have some fairly severe arthritis problems and it's just too difficult for me to sit in the cramped quarters at Ivor Wynne Stadium any more.

I will go to the AC in Toronto to watch the Ti-Cats and other CFL clubs, but my days at Ivor Wynne are over.

We desperately need a decent stadium for several reasons.

  1. No more Grey Cups will be played in Hamilton.
  2. Seating is too cramped.
  3. Ours is the oldest stadium in the CFL. (It was built about 76 years ago when almost nobody grew taller than 5'7". In today's world, this doesn't cut it, myself included)

Hamilton deserves a decent stadium. (Discussed many times in the past on this site) It needs to be located on the mountain where most of the city's population is and where access to all highways is the best, thanks to the Linc). Nuff said.

Oh man, stadium discussions again. I'll stay out of this one, for now anyway. :wink:

That's really sad that people went to the game just to say goodbye to their seat neighbours.

I went because I love football, I love the CFL, and I love the Ticats! And you don't give up on your team. Especially since it's not like we've just had ONE team this year - it's an entirely new team from what we started with last spring. I was particularly excited to actually get to see Eakin and Williams throw the ball for once. And I know there are some posters out there who hate our [collective] Hamilton love for Jesse Lumsden, but I love to watch that kid play!

I could have written that post. I agree with ALL of your points.

I went for the sake of going. Yeah it has been an awful year but i do agree with not abandoning the team just because they didn't go to the playoffs. It is extremely sad that people just went to say good-bye to the people they sit with. i went with a few friends. We went because we love the Tiger Cats and will go to see them no matter what.I agree with going to see jesse,he's awesome. It was sad to see pigskin go as well...BUT..I didn't go just to see that..I went to watch The game. It was not a horrible loss. I thought the cats did very well compared to other seasons such as 1-17 like they have before. I like seeing the team play and I go to the games all the time just to cheer on the home town team. Not to mention a few particular players who would be high on my scale of favourites :oops: (Rob Hitchcock& Mike Morreale& Jesse Lumsden) ..

Have not missed a game in five years and was not about to start now. Took my brother with me. Was great to see the '86 team and, what a great sendoff for Paul Weiler. The effort was better but the result was the same. Hopefully this is the last we have seen of a quite a few of these "players".

You took the words right out of my mouth, Jenneferre.

Really! Thanks for saying them for me.

I especially wanted to see our back up QBs
get a lot of prime time game experience.

Edit..I didn't see CaptainKirk's post above
which also referred to Jenneferre's words. :smiley: