Why did WPG get 2 time-outs in 4th quarter?

Is there a rule I don't know about that lets a team use two time-outs in the second half?

Winnipeg called their first time-out on their TD drive, with 3:10 remaining in the 4th quarter, to stop the clock after a tackle in-bounds.

See 1:54:20 of the game archive. Ref clearly says "Time out, Winnipeg."

The refs then helpfully called the 3 minute warning to stop the clock at 2:56, rather than let it keep running after a run play.

On our last possession, after a first-down run and with 1:20 left on the clock, Winnipeg still wanted to stop the clock from running, so they simply called another time-out. (See 2:04:30 of the same archive.) Once again, the official can be heard saying, "Time out, Winnipeg."

I was waiting for one of the TSN commentators to mention it, but everyone acted as if it was normal to call two time-outs in a row. Even Austin was pretty calm about it on the sidelines. Am I missing something? That could have affected the outcome.

Rule change: the 2 time outs each team gets can now be used any time. Before it was 1 each half.
So, winnipeg saved theirs for the second half, and used them in the 4th.

Interesting. I actually checked the rule book before posting (http://www.cfl.ca/page/game_rule_rule1, section 7, article 5), but now I see that the league still posts the 2011 rule book on their website.

That is true except
Only 1 can be used after the 3 min. warning of the 2nd half

Starting in 2013 each team receives two (2) time outs per game, but are only allowed to use one within the 3-minute warning of the second half. Prior to 2013 each team was allowed one (1) time out per half in a CFL game and time outs were not carried over if not used.

[url=http://cfldb.ca/faq/game-rules-regulations/#how-many-team-time-outs-cfl-game]http://cfldb.ca/faq/game-rules-regulati ... s-cfl-game[/url]

How many timeouts do you get a half? I was almost positive it was one a half but during the WPG game I thought the peg called two timeouts in the second half, I could be wrong on that though.

New rule this year
2 Time outs anytime but only one can be used in the last 3 Min. of the 2nd half.