Why did we lose last Saturday?

What is everyone's thoughts?

I say it was Casey's fumble.

We had a chance to win even though we had 4 ints, a defensive blunder and some reffing errors.

All of the above.

A must score situation starting from deep in your own end with less than a minute on the clock is hardly a sure thing.

But with our time out still available and our offense moving the ball, we had a chance. In the end, we fumbled away our chance. We didn't turn it over on downs, we didn't throw and interception. We fumbled the ball when a slide or run outta bounds would have been the correct call.

....the TEAM failed to execute should have been a choice. Football can not be judge on 1 play or player alone! :cowboy:

We lost because Jason Goss had a Great Game...caused 4 turnovers...

Had 3 interceptions

Ran 2 back for touchdowns

A couple of bad mistakes by the refs too.

Several deep passes over the middle during the came, but particualarly on the second and long after the sack, were heartbreakers.

The Goss interceptions were not great plays by im. They were terrible passes by Printers. That said, I liked what I saw from Printers, and I hope to see him air it out like he did in Edmonton more in the future.

Nobody but Casey caused that fumble. Goss had nothing to do with it. As Caitaeg said in an earlier thread, Casey needs to protect the ball more. One of those interceptions should not have been an interception because Miles was pushed, but I digress.

I agree with section8. All of the above. We shouldn't have been in that situation. We gave up the big plays when we needed to stop them. Can't rest all the blame on Casey's shoulders for this one.

Guess you were watching a different game than I.


Goss got underneath Casey and lifted him "Ass over Teakettle"...the ball came out when he was in the air.

And to say they weren't great plays???? how many did we run back for a touchdown? 1...???... guess that's the difference????

No matter...Why did we lose???? Edmonton scored more points than us! 'Nuff Said!


didnt we have him.....OHH yea thats right we did...we traded him for the rights to Timmy Chang....that one turned out well :?

All of the above and only coming away with field goals on 2 ocassions when we were in the red zone.

Same game, different angle.

He only got underneath Casey because Casey jumped. That was his big mistake in the first place.

I didn’t say they weren’t great plays. I’m not taking anything away from Goss. He had a great game. Better than any he played for us. Good for him. I’m just calling it as I see it.

Unfortunately, that fumble was all Casey. I don’t think Goss even touched him at all. Doesn’t mean he didn’t show some impressive stuff.

Yep we lost and now it’s time to move on.

Goss wanted out of Hamilton. One claim was that he wanted to be traded to a western team to facilitate travel to Texas where his father was ill. Goss also made comments to the effect that he was sick of the losing and the overall environment of the Ticat organization.

Our management initially talked about taking a hardline approach. There were reports published to the effect that his agent was suggesting that a player who wanted out might not be able to play to the best of his ability if his heart wasn't in it, blah blah blah.

Eventually, Ticat management decided that the drama to keep a player here who adamantly didn't want to be here wasn't worth it.

Goss would have become a free agent at the end of 2007, but signed a contract extension with the Eskimos after he was traded.

Instead of always looking from our viewpoint and stating it is our fault, sometimes the reason we lose is that the other team executes better. It happens and we sometimes execute better than the other team. It's no one's fault really, it's just the way the game is played.

None of those reasons alone. Four interceptions is part of it. Defense unable to stop Edmonton on key plays. Second and more than 10 - you have to stop those. That broke the back of the team.

The big plays. Something lacking from our team. Edmonton responded with two quick touchdowns when it looked like they were on the ropes. Take away those two big touchdowns, make them work for it and put together a drive, and maybe they have to settle for field goals or punt. That was why we lost. The fumble had very little to do with it. It was a desperate drive that we were unlikely to complete. Score a major in 58 seconds is not something we do well. If anyone is using that fumble as a crutch - stop it. It was a non factor.

Jason Goss had a great game. I'm still a Goss fan. I take my hat off to him. But he didnt' win this game for Edmonton on his own. It was the consistent ability of Edmonton to capitalize on opportunities. They didn't drive the ball necessarily well or play great defense...but they made big plays. Kelly Campbell was the other factor. Whenever it looked like we had them stopped - another Kelly Campbell highlight moment. These two guys were the biggest threats in Edmonton's arsenal all night.

Why did we lose????

check this out...


It was, although not a Great Game, Exciting to watch and I thought we could pull off the win.

If they fix a couple of mistakes...I think we will make the East race for second interesting as well. :thup:

Steeltown tough D :lol: