why did we hire a pirate

with all the banter about our lousy PA announcer…thought i would share the line from my 10yo son…at Fridays game…“Dad…why did the cats hire a pirate as a PA announcer…” ARRRRRR…make some noise.

That is so cute.

A pirate would be an improvement.

Should we ever, by some stupid unforeseen twist of fate, lose the rights to the name "TigerCats" and all its permutations and combinations, maybe we could become the Hamilton Pirates. At least a cool flag - a Jolly Roger, our mascot would be a parrot, but Pigskin Pete would have to cut off a leg. Now that would be a sacrifice.
I'm trying to think of a way to use "pieces of eight" and "walk the plank" in association with the (present edition of the) Ticats.

It's not that hard to imagine. Caretaker Bob, in an attempt to rescue "Rough Riders" from Horn Chen, throws "Tiger-Cats" into the pot in a high-stakes, winner-take-all poker game. (Let's hope he's got the cards ...)

LOL always something to complain about! :wink: