Why Did Stala Keep His TD Ball?

Just got back from the game. On Stala's TD, he kept the ball. Just wondering if anyone out there knows if this was a particular milestone of some sort for him?

I noticed this too.

While we're asking questions, anyone know what was wrong with Barnes? I saw him getting IV on the sidelines and there were a few other things hooked up to him as he was put on a stretcher and into the ambulance.

Barnes (with suspected injured spleen) and Mo Lloyd (ribs) were both taken to hospital at halftime.

I found this on twitter

Apparently Barnes has a ruptured spleen and a bruised kidney the injury occurred on incompletion where he was sandwiched by Barker & Tisdale

according to esksfans he did not return with the team and had surgery to remove his spleen last night.

If this was true, you think that they would have said something on TSN and no word has been mentioned, having a spleen removed is a little hard to believe!

that is weird , i didn't hear anything about that. I'm no M.D. but having a spleen removed sounds serious.

If you lose your spleen you can live quite normally. However, there is the possibility that your immune system will be compromised enough that you will pick up some illnesses easier and the effects could be worse. The gall bladder is often removed at the same time and this may result in some digestive problems- inability to eat fatty foods and some other effects.

However..... back to the original question, "WHY DID STALA KEEP THE BALL?"

Wasn't his birthday and certainly wasn't a milestone touchdown of any sort. Guessing maybe he promised a ball to someone if he scored.

You beat me to it (that's exactly what the reason was)..... :wink:

[url=http://www.edmontonjournal.com/health/Barnes+hospital+with+serious+spleen+injury/3649551/story.html]http://www.edmontonjournal.com/health/B ... story.html[/url]

HAMILTON — Edmonton Eskimos slotback Jason Barnes remained in Hamilton on Friday night after suffering a ruptured spleen and bruised kidney in a 36-11 loss to the Hamilton Tiger-Cats.

Barnes was injured in the second quarter, was given an IV along the sideline and eventually taken to a Hamilton hospital where he was expected to have surgery to remove his spleen.

“Unfortunately, it’s been confirmed that Jason suffered a ruptured spleen and a bruised kidney. He will have surgery, and Dr. (John) Clarke, who travelled with the team, will be staying in Hamilton to monitor his progress,? said Eskimos general manager Eric Tillman. “Our staff has been in communication with his father tonight, and, obviously, our thoughts and prayers are with Jason and his family during this very emotional time.?

Guess TSN was too busy with Poker...