Why did Saskatchewan have a veto over the Rough Rider name?

yea but what team went belly up how many times? common courtesy dictates we got the name and besides we trade marked it...possession being 9/10ths of the law and the 1/10th being the actual legal trade mark aspect. Giving you just emotions to argue.... Kind of a moot point in any case as that ship has sailed. or even a better argument you parents shoulda taught you stop crying over spilt milk.
After all we recently quit crying over the 13 man Grey Cup loss... Well OK, we still shed a tear or two whenever that subject comes up. But I smile happily when i recall the Red Blacks beat the Stamps in the Grey CUP not that long ago.

two different names. and meanings. roughriders is not the same as rough riders. if the riders of sask are intent on that, then maybe they should look at scouting their own players and not steal stamps players or elks players every year. thats a long list right there. going back as far as richie hall, eddie davis, travis moore, burris played for calgary before coming back from nfl, and moving on to guys like darnell sankey, etc, etc, etc. duke williams. and maybe one day they'll have a bonafide starter. Fajardo is not it. ROUGH RIDERS it should be.

in the early 2000's the saskatchewan roughriders issued stocks for $100 each and many people across canada bought some. including albertans. the riders are owned by who?

Thanks for keeping us in the CFL. Hope you made some dividends

Not in 1924
The reason there were 2 teams with the same name was because the CFL was created by merging 2 different separate leagues!

As for Ottawa temp dropping their name? When was this? After 1956?

Splitting of very fine hairs in your first sentence. And again moot point as you team will be er ever have that name again.

Regina Roughrider were named in 1924, at that time in history the Western teams were a separate league from the Eastern teams. Eastern teams would have no say over naming rights.
Similar to the NFC and the AFC prior to the NFL.

The CFL was officially named on January 19, 1958,[4] upon the merger between the Interprovincial Rugby Football Union or "Big Four" (founded in 1907) and the Western Interprovincial Football Union (founded in 1936).[5]


Lol. exactly. the reason for my two posts for you was because of the thinking that because they have folded more than once is a reason why they should never be able to have that name again. Montreal has folded too. during the season once. Calgary almost did, and Edmonton is in trouble now. so my question for you sir, is why do you think that because someone has folded, that they no longer are eligible for that name? Where in any kind of lawbooks anywhere would there be a rule like that? your reason, sir, is not even a thing. More like throwing shade at other teams by using a made-up rule by you, in an attempt to make your case stronger. Again, why would that be a thing or a reason to deny another city of choosing the name they want? Or other CFL fans. and i am a stamps fan, not a Rough Rider fan. Or am I legally forced to say Redblacks? Lol.

Why? what does one thing have to do with the other

No it was not during the season, but they are called the Alouettes....should they have been denied it?

The big thing being two teams with identical sounding names... So you are all saying when the EE changed names it would have fine and dandy and you would have had no issues if they went the edomonton Alouettes or the Edmonton Argonauts or Edmonton tiger cats. Again it is emotional argument that can argued to no end and no conclusion and again that boat not only sailed it sunk and ain't gonna come back to port

Hardly the same because Edmonton has no history with the name

So then what is the problem?

how do you know? are you saying then, that if all the other teams in the league or even if Ottawa pushed for it in court, that they wouldn't stand a chance? based on what? there is no problem there. not the same thing. there is no reason that someone from saskatchewan would ever buy a Rough Rider jersey unless they like the team or for nostaglic reasons. there is no money loss. should the stamps be suing the broncos for the horse? like come on, man, its sports. but one thing for sure that will always remain exclusive is the two knob rules put into effect for riderville. the misconduct penalty for trying to draw others into retaliating and the flag motion for receivers brought on by getzlaf and fantuz. you can keep those.

i thought it was during the year or maybe exhibition. but it was in the 80's and i was getting a slurpee in alberta at that time when i heard it, so it must have been summer. lol. i thought it was the concordes too. long time ago

Far better things to do that argue points with someone who apparently just likes to argue... Have fun finding someone to debate with I am outa here

I thought that the league owned the trademarks for all of the team's nicknames and logos.
Regardless, Saskatchewan did a favour for everybody. It took what could have been a contentious decision off of Ottawa's hands, and it saved us the nonsense of two teams with the same nickname.
Two teams with the same nickname in two separate leagues that merged is quirky. Two teams purposely with the same nickname is just dumb.
P.S. Ottawa changed their nickname to Senators from 1925-30, IIRC.

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Yet MLS has 14 with the same name
And to make it worst , they have(or had maybe its changed) The sponsor logo was on the jersey
I remember few years back Mtl was playing Tor and they both had BMO on their chests

It was the blue BMO.s against the red BMO,s. Yet no-one complains

Yes they did, but when the league formed, they were the rough riders

I wouldn't call FC a nickname. Those teams really do not have nicknames.
Ottawa may have had rights to the Rough Riders nickname when the league formed, but they lost those rights in 1996 when they folded.
Sponsors logos on jerseys are irrelevant because CFL jerseys only have small sponsor patches on their jerseys.

Based on what?
Trying opening a store using a name like Eatons or Simpsons
They folded but they did not give up the rights to the name

Really really really not the point

Horn Chen Owns the Rough Riders name as far as I remember.
I believe when they folded, Chen tried to get new ownership (Renegades) to them pay for the rights to the RR name??

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Let me just correct all of the egregious errors in your historical account.

Actually, The Rough Riders (space) and Roughriders (no space) never played in the same league until after WWII. East and West were separate rugby unions and their champions often met to play for the Grey Cup much like a world series of baseball used to be, so there was no commissioner in 1926 to blame for the double name.

Both clubs came up with the name independently and since they weren't in the same league no one cared - unlike the SEC of NCAA and its THREE teams named Tigers (LSU, Clemson, Auburn).

Furthermore, Saskatchewan had held the name Roughriders CONSECUTIVELY longer than Ottawa was the Rough Riders, as the Ottawa club ABANDONED the name Rough Riders for a few years in the mid 1920s in favor of the moniker Senators. By that time the Regina Rugby club had officially adopted Roughriders although their colors were still black and red (probably taken from Teddy Roosevelt's Roughriders cavalry unit in the Spanish-American war) until 1946 when they renamed from Regina Roughriders to Saskatchewan Roughriders and chose green and white to reflect the provincial colors. By the 1930s Ottawa switched back to Rough Riders, and still since the two clubs were in totally different leagues no one cared.

Fast forward to 1992 when Canadian comedy actor Martin Short appeared on David Letterman's late night show, Martin was asked about his experience on the sidelines at the notoriously frigid 1991 Grey Cup in Winnipeg where he ridiculed the bush CFL for having 8 teams and two of them named Rough Riders (or Roughriders) and all of American late night television audience had a huge laugh at the CFL's expense. This was not good press to say the least.

So yes, the Roughriders may have blocked Ottawa from using the name Rough Riders but I'm certain that the league head office breathed a MASSIVE sigh of relief for them doing so and saved a huge PR headache for decades to come.

Most people are fine with the name change to Redblacks but unfortunately there are a handful of old die hards (bless them) who have to play the victim and blame Saskatchewan for everything that they don't like.

Now, I have been on record for nearly 20 years saying that I'm sure that 100 years ago Roughriders (or Rough Riders, take your pick) was a damn cool name for a rugby team, but in this day and age, it's nothing more than nostalgic, quaint and tacky. So any butthurt Ottawa fan who insists on naming their team after a novelty condom, can go right ahead, and Saksatchewan can be the Combines or the Gophers or the Greenwhites - just not Stallions, Baltimore might sue them. :stuck_out_tongue:

It's been eight years. You have a great franchise. Get over it.