Why did Saskatchewan have a veto over the Rough Rider name?

This may be ancient history to some but why did the Saskatchewan Roughriders have a veto over Ottawa bringing back the Rough Rider name? Did the CFL expansion process dictate a unanimous vote in favor for the team to return, thus putting the power in the hands of Saskatchewan? Or did the Ottawa owner, in some inexplicably weak gesture of giddy largesse, offer the veto to the Western Riders because he wanted the optics of having a unanimous vote in favor of the franchise rejoining the CFL?


Why? Can't answer that & didn't even know they did. My own 2 cents on that is I'm glad somebody shot it down. I always though it was really strange to have (for all intents & purposes ) 2 teams with the same name. It was a no brainer to give a new Ottawa team a new name, though I can understand some fans would be sentimentally attached to the old one. I'll admit took a bit to get used to 'Redblacks??'

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Saskatchewan trademarked Roughriders when Ottawa Rough Riders folded


Yet MLS has 14 teams named FC

At least the CFL had a reason


Best thing about the Reblacks name is making Calgary go back to their ugly red and white uniforms.

I don't think there was an actual, official veto. Saskatchewan expressed their preference, and OSEG chose not to ressurect the Rough Riders name. I suspect OSEG wanted to go with their own, new name from the get go anyways.

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The Redblacks started in 2014, and Calgary still wears red-and-black uniforms.


That was my theory at the time, anyway.

Heh, mine too.

Well, at least the throwback jerseys are just red and white. Maybe they'll reduce the black when they next introduce new uniforms.

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Also, I would call those red and white. :yum:

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MLS has a severe case of lack of imagination. Boring!!!

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Saskatchewan was adamant that we DO NOT GET to use the Rough Riders name. They would have VETO'd the NEW franchise had we pushed for the use of the name we had used for 30 years before the GreenWhites came into the league. :wink:

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I thought they just said something like "we'd prefer it if they didn't use the Rough Riders name." My impression was that OSEG didn't want the name and the Roughriders' objection gave them an easy out.

From the article I posted above

when Ottawa was in the process of being granted a conditional franchise, the Saskatchewan Roughriders used their leverage to end the shared nickname stigma that long been one of the most quaint — and ridiculed — aspects of the league.

Saskatchewan management agreed to let Ottawa back in the loop, only if it picked a name other than Rough Riders. That goes for any variation, such as “Ottawa Riders,” as well.

“It was a condition we had to accept,” says Ottawa Sports and Entertainment Group (OSEG) partner Jeff Hunt. “We wanted the option of the Rider name, but that option was taken away from us.”


It would have the stupidest thing ever in the history of mankind to keep the old name ..why do we need two teams with the same name in a 8 team and sometimes 9 team sports entity ... Note, I did not call it an Empire, that would add confusion to the EE ...Evil Empire :wink:

If the REDBLACKS had the Rough Riders name blocked
Why can the Stampeders now wear RED and BLACK uniforms now?? :thinking:


Because the lady on the horse looks far better than your lumberjack

Yeah it is "mankind's" stupidity that the GreenWhites were able to copy our name into one word 26 YEARS after was already being used by THE Ottawa Rough Riders since 1898. Blame the 1924 commissioner for that. If the Greenies would have had ANY smarts THEY would not have used the SAME name. But they didn't so there you go. :joy: :rofl: :rofl:

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Commissioner of what? The league was formed in 1956

You don't know the history of the names do you?

ok maybe no commissioner in 1924 but someone would have been in charge ?

And you must be talking about Ottawa temporarily dropping the name and the Greenwhites jumped all over it?