Why did RR get O player of the week?

I didn't see the game, but KJ's stats were better (and no I do not think he should have got it), but although he threw for fewer yards, Henry Burris threw more TDs, ran for more yards and threw no picks. On top of that his team's win was far more convincing. IMO this should have been Burris'.... not like POW awards really matter.

Go Riders!!

do u know what uve just done??!!

good job!..know RNR is gunna give us his 100 replys about why ray deserved the player of the week

what a great job lol

....the only thing I can think of is that RR needed to play the whole game against BC whereas Henry and Danny Mac shared QB duties in the win aginst the Riders...

Dont these POW awards come from Edmonton?...nuff said

Never heard that before Sambo. What makes you say they come from Edmonton, or what that just a little wheat field sarcasm to brighten up my Wednesday afternoon?

I'm sure if Kerry Joseph recovers this week and leads his team to a convincing victory after getting spanked he will get consideration for the award as well.

Just for the record, I thought Burris would win it as well.


he played a 1 quarter an a half more then burris, and threw for more...i was a bit surprised he won it but realy who cares

They wanted Ricky to win something this
year. Good on him.

I agree. Kerry Joseph didn't get it because his team lost. But I do think Henry Burris should have won the award. Ricky was good but he threw a couple critical interceptions, including the last one to Javier Glatt.

i think burris should have got it cause ricky threw some INTs, but these awards don't matter much so who cares

I can't remember the other INT, but I know one of them bounced off a receiver who was juggling the ball, and landed in the defenders hands.

RR did put up some amazing stats last game. If anyone actually watched the game, they would have seen what great pocket presence RAY had the entire game. He knew when to drop back, or went to make a quick read and decide to scramble. We all know Ray is a pocket passer, but that was the best game I've seen Ray play in terms of his rushing/scrambling ability. There were a few rushes he had that ended up being 15 yard gains, and getting the team a first down, even though it looked like a sack was imminent!

when did these awards start being awarded for stats. Look at Mobley's numbers, 2 tackles and a couple knockdowns...but he got the award because he was a presence. He got to the QB, he made crutial knockdowns, and he was a huge part of the defense shutting down BC>

Now, look at Ray...and also take into consideration the field. He sparked the offence, his deep passes were beautiful, and he was a huge part of the win.

I'm not saying Burris didn't deserve it. I didn't see that game, but it sounds to me that the defense they were up against wasn't playing that good. He may have deserved the award, but so did Ray, and this time, Ray won.