why did lions open up new sections

why did the lions open up new sections when they hardly have 30,000 tickets sold as it is, are they trying to scam the public thinking they are going to get 40,000, what a joke , i heard from rick quintin today on nw that they only have 26,000 tickets sold for saturday's game.and as for you guy's out there telling me to get lost,realy mature.

Im coming from Kelowna for the game on saturday and I went online and the best available tickets were in the corner for $36 I dont want to sit in the corner

You should phone ticket master i am sure there are lots aviliable were you want them.

still here ya douche?

give up on the attendance already! wtf is your big obsession with it?

they do it because thats just how they roll, if you cant deal with that then your not a real lions fan

and the Lion's are 2nd in the league in attendence why do you troll on something that isn't even a big problem. Good for the Lion's hopefully the extra fans will help us stop Calgary's offence this weekend!!!

Think the fact that Burris is out may have a big factor in attendance . I bet they would have had 40k fans if he was playing . Calgary was the hottest team in the CFL lately, and now with summer over they would have gotten more fans as well. They were already getting 30k or more per game

I think the open section is to accommodate Dudsmells fat head