Why did Keith dance when he scored that 2 pt. conversion?

His team is done by three touchdowns and he acts like an dumbass and starts dancing after a 2 point convert. Very selfish and childish in my opinion.

Oh cmon you guys. you are allowed to celebrate when you do something good for the team no matter what the score is. it builds your confidence.i hate people who slam on players for celebrating when they do somthing good. its football your supposed to!

I don't mind celebrating, but when you celebrate like that when your team is down by 20 points it really makes you look like a selfish, childish ass.

Exactly Blue Draqgon, Keith is a selfish arrogant little puke, who fits in perfectly with Danny boys idea of a football player...GO RIDERS GO

What is Kenton’s dance for LAST PLACE??? Personally, I am looking forward to that.

What is Kenton’s dance for ARRRESTED FOR ASSAULT??? That would also be entertaining.


I was at the game and was not happy that Keith took so long to get into the endzone and made a show of it. I was equally disappointed when after Burris ran for the touchdown, he threw the ball into the stands. Was this not in poor taste, a little arrogant? I will add that the ball was thrown back onto the field by the fan much to the cheers of the crowd. Throw the ball into the stands if you want at a home game where your fans are celebrating and appreciate it.

High fiving, or throwing a ball into a crowd is acceptable after a TD IMO. But when they start doing things like getting in cirles and dancing around, or like the calgary stampeders and their joke receivers. Calgary is just the absolute worst at childish celebrations.

could it be that he was trying to get the team pumped up for the comeback attempt??

just askin.

I belive he was making a selfish statement, when they were down 20 points and there was no need for it he should have just run in and done dsomething small not make that much of a show of it


Boo Hoo...

Crying about the Stamps. what a surprise

sure.. if the Defense had decided to show up... MAYBE

i think kentons was stupid, but the stamps recivers make absolute fools of themselves in the endzone…im so glad our eskies dont do that. jason tucker is the quiet killer, he goes out gets in the endzone then walks to the bench.I LOVE THAT…it makes you look so much more professional

He wasnt charged or anything, not yet anyways. they are still investigating.

MAybe, but there was only like 6 minutes left, and the way the game was going a comeback wasnt going to happen... I have always said kenton keith is worthless...when the riders traded corey holmes away, i thought maybe the riders should have offered more draft picks...i dunno tho

You think their celebrations are "cool" then? Personally, I think they make complete fools of themselves, and I'd be embarassed to have guys like that on my team. They act like it's the first time they've ever been in the endzone.

George Reed and Kenton Keith what a contrast in ethics, attitude and qualitys in a human being and an athlete ....lol...lol....GO RIDERS GO

Arrogant ha ha ha you have to be kidding right you just discribed many of the fans at the game. Did they not boo Burris ontot the field. Do you thing he was do this to rub it back to those very fans. Please go cry some where! I have a tear in my eye!

I am just embarassed with your team! :lol: The only fool is the guy that is crying about the entertainment!

Seriously what the heck was Kenton to do after getting the touchdown walk with his head down between his legs. Oh the defense did that but really the guy is remaining positive nothing wrong with that. He did get the touchdown!

R@D 2005 We don't care about the danceing fools on the Stamps so why comment on one of ours (KK)

Your the fool that posted the thread! :lol: :lol: