Why did I rush to the game

Got there after my sons game and here are my thoughts

  1. Too many penalties - same story every year, the holding on our line was pathetic

  2. We have QB who hasnt played in 4 years. He was great with a Grey Cup calibre team in BC

  3. One of our best plays last year was the screen to Lumsden. I got to the game in the 2nd quarter and I didnt see the play once

  4. Seems to be a lack of emotion

  5. The Als had some key injuries, have an QB who missed the end of last year and a whole new coaching . I read where that would be a disadvantage until they got used the to the CFL. No better way to get used to it then play the Cats

  6. Aside from Setta and Tre Smith I didnt see much. Mitchell would catch a ball an act like he won the Grey Cup, then later he would either drop a pass or fumble

  7. We play more with better results an emotions last year vs. the Als

  8. End of the day win or lose the game has to be entertaining and over the last few years it hasnt been. My 11 year old no longer want to go. I have taken him to 5-6 games of the past two years and he has yet to see the Cats win

  1. yes
  2. Printers looked pretty good
  3. Montreal wasn't giving us the screen when we looked for it. They're defense read our plain schemes all night.
  4. yes
  5. yes
  6. yes
  7. ?
  8. yes

question 7 , last we played them fairly close, this year no so much