Why did Bo chuck that one?

Was similar to the passing attempt that cost the Seahawks the super bowl

I would pin that one on a bad coaching call...this was all Bo.
Dave Dickenson straight up said that all of the plays being called then had and endzone option in his post-game presser....that is his polite way of saying there were other primary options but BLM chose that one all on his own.

Bo went fishing for a pass interference call and he got his comeuppance.

He knew where the safety was. He wanted to go after that specific corner, hopping for a PI call.

I doubt that, HF. You do NOT make that throw hoping for a P.I.

Simply put, BLM screwed up.

pretty ballsy/stupid time to go for that when that is the exact type of throw he has struggled with all season. there was still time to get a few more plays in when they snapped that one depending on how they approached it.

I agree
It was just a really bad decision.

He's thinking reception, pass interference, worst case he's thinking incompletion. Worst case they kick the field goal. He wanted that matchup. There are no other logical explanation. They were already in FG territory.

Good observation DepopulationINC!

That does make it a little sweeter.

I have one...

It was the pressure of the BIG GAME and he screwed up. It's happened to better people than BLM. Even I screw up SOMETIMES!!! :wink:

It's like the ending of the Seattle/New England Superbowl.

BLM really screwed up there. He could very well be the new Kevin Glenn.

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Except that that was a designed call, and Bo opted to go with this pass according to Dickenson.

Fair enough. Still, that game is remembered for its last second INT. This one will be as well.

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I for one will remember the fumble that was brought back 109 yd. more than anything. Shades of Jackie Parker.

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