Why did Bo chuck that one?

What a horrible decision. It will go down as one of the worst decisions in cup history.

Superb game though. It had it all.

Well, I like BLM and he is a great qb but again, wasn't his day. It will be his day again though.

As I wrote elsewhere, you could see that coming a mile away.

Unless the safety has NO chance to get over, you either chuck it DEEP in the corner or not at all. Stupid. :frowning:

He is obviously a good QB...that throw in field goal range though...wow

Why did Bo chuck that one?

Simple 1-word answer! HUBRIS

From now on I decree Bo-Levi Mitchell be referred to as "KEVIN"

12 yards deeper and I LOVE the play because only the WR has a chance at the ball.

Where he threw it was suicide.

Nah, Glenn generally throws the horrid pick 12 yards down field with a defender running in front of it...I can't see him even attempting this pass tbh. It was a horrible decision. If they needed 4...maybe. This one is going to gnaw at him all off-season...wonder if he will push a coach under the bus for making a bad call like Buckley's play last season?

I want to like Bo...he is a good QB and does a lot of positive things in the community and such...but man he makes it hard. I haven't been able to like him since that comment he made against the Bombers at half last season.

Bo is cocky I think it caught up with him today with that last throw . It takes Jordan out of the goat role with that interception .Team game .

So the throw that he essentially hasn't been able to hit pretty much all season with his damaged wing?

It is just so fitting after he roasted the last play of the game so publicly last year.

Yikes! What did I do? :wink:

Better than the throw he made.

Again, if he throws it 12 yards deeper, and it is not caught, it is incomplete, and kick the field goal.

Got greedy. Nothing was guaranteed either way going in OT.

Still, going to be the tale of this game historically.

After his 3 pics last year and Stamps losing the GC, BLM flamed others and said he wanted the ball in HIS hands for the last play of their next GC game. Today he got what he demanded - and threw a volleyball into coverage and blew the game.

Dickenson and BLM both are arrogant beyond words.

It is a high risk pass.

With the safety able to get to the pass, the odd of the Calgary receiver making the catch are 1 in 5. The odd of it getting intercepted are also 1 in 5.

So, why make the throw?


Amazingly, this game will be largely remembered for a game ending poor decision and interception...not a 100 and a 109 yard TD.

In this case it underscores that defence definitely wins championships.

Ricky Ray, 4 GCs
Record fumble return
Record passing score

Lots of stories here

Interesting how many games in these playoffs were lost on last minute poor decisions.

Last minute period really...but good point. The only one that really wasn't was the West Semi

Bo Levi chokes for the second year in a row.