Why did Angelo Snipes Retire?

Watching the Rough Riders final game at Lansdowne on Youtube, and it says that Angelo Snipes is leading the league in sacks... He got an all-star nod and calls it a day?


Why do you keep starting threads about decades-old CFL games and players?
And now you're bumping them because you didn't get the reaction you wanted?


its more about how players just drift through the league and are gone with no explaination.. Like what if Bear Woods never showed up in camp this year? Nobody would probably notice, but he was an all-star last season too.

Wikipedia left out that Snipes played for the USFL Oakland Invaders in 1985.

Players know when it is time. He retired after the 96 season .
His position is very brutal. Takes and gives a hit on every play.
Everybody knows when you get older your injuries take a toll.
His body would have told him or a business venture whatever.

EE WR Brian Kelly retired after 87 when he still had more years to go.
He said he wanted out when he decided. For him it was he got ring # 5.
Said he never wanted to hear the words " can I see you in my office please "

It was an attitude thing. I have a good buddy that played in Ottawa when Snipes was there. He told me that Snipes had little if any respect for the Canadian content in the league. Some guys just don't get it.

Very true . It becomes toxic in the locker room.
Remember Dexter Manley.?
He was forced on the Ottawa coaches by the Gliebermans and was a train wreck . In the locker room and media wise.
Talk about not getting it.

...and that was to replace either Lybrant Robinson or John Kropke, both all-stars in their own right. This was during Manley's 2nd go-round with the Rough Riders. Circus atmosphere indeed.

Manley also made one of the stupidest statement ever to the media.
He said " we will make the play offs, win the Grey Cup and next year we will have a new coach "

And the Gliebs still kept him.