Why Cry Over Zeke

Why do we idolize players on this team that are supposively so great but the team sucks. Zeke is playing at one of the most important positions on tne defence and the last time I looked we had the worst defence last year and this year. His play has fallen off dramatically without Armour at his side. Cananda led his team to the Grey Cup last year and he was a major piece of the puzzle. If he doesn't report the trade is off. Obie also probably knows the kid in the Bills practice roster will eventually end up here as well

You can use the same arguement about Lumsden as well if he gets traded. Star on an offence that sucks and he only plays 25% of the time.

Zeke has not played nearly as well this year as last. He's expendable. People talk about him like he's the 2nd coming of Zambiasi. All he had was a decent rookie season where he stood out on a very bad team. If Canada reports, it's good deal.

An Argo-Cat fan

I am not! Good player but there are tons of lbs but little tackles out there!

Box J............just so you know.......Canada plays end, not tackle.

Its ok Mad...Canada is so fat this year, moving him to tackle makes sense :slight_smile:

HfxTC, wasn't Canada the guy I saw sprinting for a TD
after jumping and batting away a Richie Williams' pass? :smiley:

canada is a import, i know there are some out there who think he is a non-import due ot his last name.