Why CORNISH should be MOP?

First , I am an ARGO season ticket holder. I don't think that RAY , deserves to be the CFL'S / MOP because he didn't play enough games [only 10].
It is very nice that 2 non-imports could be the finalists for the MOP award in , 2013 [Cornish & Muamba] but MUAMBA didn't play for a winning team. Remembering that this is the MOP award and is NOT for the a team's MVP.

Some Sheets fans might argue that IF , IF , IF , Sheets if didn't get hurt he would of had more yards than Cornish , however in any sport , IFS ands / or BUTS , do not count. Cornish , also didn't play for 2 and 1 half games himself. Some have also argued that Calgary has a great O-LINE. They do.
When Mike Pringle was tearing up the league in rushing , didn't MONTREAL , also have an excellent O-LINE too?
Any team with a amazing O-LINE should have a winning Q.B. and running back.

RAY , could of also had a CFL record for a Q.B. / IF , IF , IF , he hadn't gotten hurt too. Maybe? That is why we play the games.

Cornish , won the CFL'S rushing title in the 2012 season and was the runner up MOP to a very deserving Chad Owens.
In the 2013 season Cornish broke his own record for yards gained by a Canadian running back by almost 400 yards.
He also broke the yards from scrimmage record for a Canadian. Now that just proves that he should be the TOP Canadian.
What makes him deserving of the CFL'S / MOP for 2013 , is this.

  1. He won the CFL'S rushing title by over 200 yards.
  2. He lead ALL of the CFL in over all TDS scored [14].
  3. He was a big part of Calgary having the best record in the CFL.

That sounds like a MOP to me.

Hard to argue with, love watching this guy perform except when he plays well agains't the Cats. Awesome player.

I would say BURRIS as well but he has been hot and cold , but he did pass for over 5,000+ yards.
I am a little disappointed with Kent Austin's coaching. He knows better and there were several games [including the first game Vs the ARGOS] were the CATS could have won with a lot better play calling. Oh well.

Good luck Vs. Montreal :thup: A Hamilton Vs. Argos East Final would be great. :rockin:

I'm pretty sure the Ticats lost that first game because the runningback drop dropped a sure touchdown. You couldn't have called a better play, the players didn't execute it.

Should be interesting sadargofan, that's for sure. Yes Dust, Gable lost the ball, think it was Gable. Good player though.

It is just my opinion but a lot of CFL teams have done [a very short passing play] this year. Calgary , does it a lot.
The ARGOS have done this too.
The play is throwing the ball on very short yardage situations. It drives me nuts.
Hand it off to Gable or Cornish when all you needs is 3 or less yards for a 1st down and / or a TD.
I can't count how many times players have dropped the ball this year on those kind of plays on 2nd down.

Got to mix it up though, can't be too predictable.

True. :wink:

I was at that game,and shudder when I think of that dropped pass,looking back now at the end of the season,who would have thought that that missed pass if caught would have given the Cats the victory,and most likely 1rst place in the East
If not for that loss it could've been Mtl at Tor in this weeks East Semi and the Cats would've been off this week awaiting the winner of that game.The Cats should have won that opener against the Naughts,great game,back and forth,big plays,big crowd(30,000+)only thing wrong was the final score :cry: Oh well,that's how the cookie crumbles,after we pluck those birds from Mtl this week,the Cats will get their revenge.As for Mr.Cornish he should walk away with both MOP and Canadian OP. If he doesn't win both awards there should be a full scale investigation about it.

I do not see anyone besides Cornish getting the MOP. Anyway you think about what an MOP should be; the player who means the most to his team, best player on one of the best teams, best stats, etc.

I don't think any player should be a MOP, players don't absorb water as well a cloth. :lol: