Why Collaros Doesn't Run and Scramble More

When Zach was with the blue team, he was thrust into an offense built around relatively immobile Ricky Ray. Even though coaches added packages for him, it was important that he stay in the pocket and throw from there. He realizes that a CFL quarterback's best chance to have a long career is dependent on his ability to make quick reads and throw out of that pocket. Maybe he could have bailed earlier a couple of times, but I think he played damn well. Zach didn't even come close to turning the ball over in the biggest game of his young career, and he led a furious comeback that probably would have been enough save for an unfortunate illegal block.

One other thing, he had a concussion that kept him out five weeks and his backup had no experience. I know it was the Grey Cup, but the Cats would have been dead if Zach got hurt.

25-33, 342 yards, 1 TD, 0 int.

Good explanation. Zach WILL get better in this offense too. Just looking at the stats for each QB on TV and they were VERY comparable. In fact Zach's QB rating was even a bit higher than Mitchell's! Zach 1 TD; 0 INT Mitchell 0 TDs; 1 INT!!!

Zach does an amazing job of scrambling and rolling.out in order to avoid the rush when the pocket collapses and to extend plays when coverage is too tight. That, to me, is more important than rushing stats for a QB...

I think if he could have used his legs more you guys would have won.

Way to go for a great game no other team in the league would have challenged Calgary like Hamilton did today

Zach Collaros is an effective runner. However, he has already had one concussion earlier this season and in the last couple of games against Montreal, he took a couple of tough hits. As much as his mobility would have likely helped us yesterday, it makes me nervous as he doesn`t always slide.

Thank you for the kind words. I hope this loss is a builder for the future.

If fans want Zach around as our qb, I would say don't run unless required. As said, he's had a concussion and the next one could be the end of his football career. We didn't lose yesterday because Zach didn't run, heck you could say we lost for all sorts of things and Calgary won because of all sorts of things.

Collaros run more ?
"He 's afraid to stay in the pocket !" "
"He chose to run when he had (player x) wide open,
Shoulda stuck with Burris,
Shoulda signed Willy !"
etc. etc.

@dork, just to clarify things, Zach is, IMHO the ONLY reason the team is as good as they are, got back to the GC, and look to be THE force in the CFL for many years to come.