Why Coaches overlooked Richie Williams

Aim For A Win On The Road

Taaffe tells his Ticats to build on this
much needed victory heading to Winnipeg

September 24th 2007

Ken Peters

The Hamilton Spectator

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Here is an interesting sidebar to this article.

Taffe reveals a big reason why I feel that our football people
have underestimated Richie Williams for 2 years, folks.

Taaffe said of Williams.

"He did a great job.

He is just one of those guys who maybe

doesn't have the greatest
mechanics in the world

and maybe his release
is a little unorthodox

but he finds a way
to get it done,"

A Jim Furyk of sorts. Man that guy swing is weird but the results speak for themselves.

Maybe coaches havent so much looked over him but his time on the bench has allowed him to be as effective as he is.

I highly doubt that considering we don’t have a q.b coach and the things he showed are great God given instincts things that either you have or you don’t and his weird mechanics has proven that the coaches have not spent any time with him at all or they would have tried to change it and maybe they might have to if it turns out to be his biggest flaw. In BC Casey had those same mechanics problems but they had a q.b coach to work with him, to bad things are done on the cheap here and we don’t have one.

Maas- ,Aquired in Big(bad) Trade, King -Big nfl name, Buttler-, aquired in big(BAD) trade,- Chang, Big ncaa Records., -- Williams, ????- Im amazed they kept him as 4th string over any of the others, esp King. But im Glad they did.

You and me alike were suprised he was kept.

History might tell us that Rocky Butler did us a HUGE favor by not wanting to stick around as the 3rd QB.
Otherwise Williams would have been let go at the final cut as the 4th guy behind Maas, Chang, and Butler

Maybe Ritchie is our Vince Young ?

he was overlooked because he seemed like a very easy candidate for being the token black guy

Okay there McNabb.

because all white guys look alike

they overlooked him because a) again, he wasn’t their guy and b) they traded for chang and didn’t want to look as though they only got a 3rd string qb for goss.
i think it was mentioned already that richie could’ve shot the lights out in pre-season, he wasn’t going to be #2, chang came in with all this fanfare and media hype so they had to make him #2, granted he had a good pre-season but richie was beat before he even took the field for the first practice at camp.

And Beveridge is being overlooked in the secondary because he is our token-white guy.

I bet if we look at your posts you were praising the acquistion of Mass. As we all thought he was the greatest QB around. But us fans and the team were mistaken.

It just proves nobody truly knows who will excel in CFL until they get a chance to play. And past performances doesn't gurantee future successes.

It speaks to the borderline-incompetence of the coaching staff that Wiliams was third-string all season long until recently. This guy is light years ahead of Chang in terms of maturity, composure, and his ability to read the play, and yet he was relegated to third on the depth chart? Ridiculous.

But at the end of the day, it's the underestimated players who step up to do extraordinary things. Two years of tutelage under struggling teams and learning what not to do has given him every weapon to succeed. He's a man who brings his lunch to his job every game and hasn't complained at all. Richie has shown that behind the unorthodox mechanics lies a humble and patient person who has made the most of his opportunities. Good for him, and great for the team!!

Anyone who watched preseason had to agree that Chang looked REAL special.
He had an awesome camp!!!

With Maas and Chang in the two top spots, and a need to justify salaries as well as a trade, there was no pressing need to rely on Richie. Now, it seems, he’s become impossible to ignore.

Yes, but that's us fans. All we have to go on are preseason games. I expect a more informed decision from the coaches, who see these guys perform in practice and who, in theory, should have a far greater understanding of the talent on the team than fans.

Wait 'till Richie starts and then evaluate. It's a lot different coming off the bench. There's no time to think. When instincts take over, amazing things happen.

Let's judge after we see him start. Having to think all week and ponder may effect his play. I'm hoping not, but don't go selling the farm yet.