Why CFL games on TV are important to Canadian culture

Just reading about the Rogers - City TV possible takeover and read this line. Of course the obvious but CFL games allow some ready Canadian programming where the networks really don't have to "create" a show from scratch, the boys on the field do most of the acting with a little help from coaches, owners, fans, TV people etc.

Canada's two major private networks, CTV and Global, have learned that the secret to winning the television wars in Canada is to spend big on U.S. programming.

Will Ted Rogers open his wallet for TV?
Media observers at odds on whether the mogul will spend big on U.S. programming

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Ted Rogers can lose millions on the Blue Jays, yet still has spare cash lying around to buy some TV stations?

One thing is certain. He's ripping us off royally when it comes to cable tv and cell phones!

berezin, do you have any idea what Ted Rogers is worth? Loads and loads and loads.

But isn't he part of a cartel that wants to bring an NFL franchise to Toronto?

And he does screw us royally in Southern Ontario. If I want 'cable' (digital or normal) I MUST subscribe to Rogers. There's nothing else.

I have more choice with satellite, although not that much really. Bell or StarChoice. Rogers doesn't really have to be accountable to us.

But who am I to gripe. I'm using Rogers internet as I type and Rogers home phone service on top of the cable. I'm still with Fido for the next couple of years but, hell, why don't I just take the plunge and give my economic soul over to Darth Rogers when that is done.

I dont think that comment of wanting US tv programing has anything to do with the CFL.
The CFL will be shown on TV even with the US tv shows.
Come on, Other than Hockey Night in Canada, CFL, and the trailer park boys, Canadian television really is not that entertaining.
I would aim at US tv as well.

What about "Falcon Beach" Beer Barons? A good Manitoban like you should support local talent!!

Whereabouts in Ontario are you? Here in Hamilton we have Cogeco/Mountain Cable. Very few people I know have Rogers cable.

Corner Gas!