Why Casey? Why at the eight yard line?

Oh Casey, oh Casey.... on the 8 yard line with 2 Roughies breathing down your back ready to lay you out. Why did you have to go for it all? If you had grounded the ball, thrown it through the end zone, thrown it out of bounds or even dropped to the ground protecting the ball we would have had a sure field goal and forced the second over time.

Casey, you played a brilliant game my man and my wife and I were really rooting for you hoping you would pull this game out. But there is no way on this good earth Geroy was open on that play and there was no reason for you to throw that pass. Learn little grasshopper...learn. You played a beautiful game with not a single interception and some fabulous passes. You ran very well and escaped near impossible situations. Lions fans would have been happy with a tie. I sure would have been.

Congrats to the Roughies for pulling the game out. Well done Casey Printers on a great game considering the circumstances you had to come in under. Hope you will play as well against Calgary next week.

Side notes: Miles, Reid, Mallet, George, Harris ...all injured ..the place was beginning to look like the set on Mash.

Officiating was terrible. Something needs to be done about that. Chick got away with another one of his rolling his 248 pound frame over the QB with Printers prostrate on the ground. Why is this allowed?

In that last play of the game, had the Sask player been holding onto Geroy's Jersey anymore tightly before and while the ball was being thrown, he would have ripped Geroy's Jersey right off his back. No call! There was a similar play against Geroy in the end zone earlier. No call then either!

If I'm not mistaken, B.C. cannot take 1st place now so I guess it will be a semi-final for us. Hope it is at home but they have burned one of their life-lines with only 2 more life-lines [games] to go. I am depressed.... I shall go and stare into the black abyss for awhile as I contemplate what just happened.

and it was only first down to!

I know GeroySimonFan. And that makes it all the more painful.

Yeah, there were a few non calls there but all thing considered we still had at least a tie IF not for... :thdn: