Why can't we watch CFL games online?

I remember about 5-10 years ago you could stream CFL games, I believe it was when CBC was televising them. If anything, that was a little ahead of its time for the league. But today, you can't seem to do that? Why is that?

I think this is a major problem. The younger generation in particular is moving to streaming services such as Netflix for content consumption. I cut my cable years ago. By not live streaming games the CFL is leaving these fans underserved, and more importantly, missing out on potential new fans. It's one thing for the CFL not to have a video game, which raises similar issues, but to not live stream the games themselves is really a big issue.

It should really be seen as an opportunity to bring in new fans too - CBC did an amazing job with their World Cup live streams. Not only did they livestream the game, but the statistical content and tools that let you analyze the game as it was happening made it better than TV.

What do you think? Why doesn't this happen already?

You can't even watch TSN video on demand anymore unless you are a Bell or Rogers subscriber.

You can't watch for free because there is money to be made. Duh!

I have a subscription to TSN through my satellite package. While up at a cottage without TV I was able to watch some of the games this weekend on my phone and via WiFi on my computer. Easypeasy really. TSN and or the CFL should or could develop a system of charging a fee for access to see the games (season package, per game, per weekend) and allow those who are not subscribers to get access the games they want to watch. I don't think that they should be online for free. (although it would be nice)

In terms of how they could make money, they could do it through a combination of ads and subscription fees. They could also gather better data on their viewers than on TV, and so target the ads better too. They could also tier the viewership - you could get SD / 720p free with ads, or pay for a premium HD / 1080p with extra premium content (advanced stats, pre-game and post-game interviews, make it re-watchable later, the ability to share segments of the game you cut yourself on social media, etc.).

Another thing to keep in mind is that because I cut my cable, I'm not watching away games unless I go to a bar. On Friday night I didn't feel like going to a bar, so I didn't watch the game. So by not offering this service, they are actually losing money through lost viewership. I swear long term the league is leaving money on the table by not getting on top of this trend.

As the last two posters alluded to, you can watch a stream. You just need a subscription to TSN. Similar if you're in the States with ESPN3.
There are also the black market streams, though I've found they become difficult to find once the NFL season starts.

When it comes down to it though, the reason is this: TSN is owned by Bell. Bell is a television provider. Sports are the only thing people still demand to watch live these days. You and I, and quite a lot of others, are already turning off our cable/satellite subscriptions, but if they make it easy to watch streams of sports, even more people turn off theirs too. Even if the stream is a paid service, if you sign up for a $10/month CFL stream, you may be cancelling a $70/month television service because of it. Bell signs $40 million TV deals with the CFL not for the increased advertising revenue, but to keep people subscribed to their overall television service.

The NFL has a paid streaming service I believe, but the NFL gets money thrown at it by 4 different networks, non-cable channels at that, who each beg for the priviledge to show their games. The networks do what the NFL wants. TSN and the CFL, on the other hand, are joined at the hip. TSN's commitment to the CFL is a big part of why its gained so much success in the last decade. What's good for Bell is good for the CFL so its gonna be Bell's way.

I know Ticat brass is reading this thread, so I will speak directly to them and they can forward this information.

This model of poor distribution is forcing me to find CFL content elsewhere. If I can't find it, I become less of a fan. If I become less of a fan that is one less set of eyeballs to view commercials, buy merchandise, spread the word and help create new fans, etc.

I didn't have TSN in my basic cable package so I happily watched Games on Demand on TSN an hour or so after they finished.

Now TSN has gotten greedy (like Rogers) and instituted a Paywall like model at their website trying to figure a way to monetize these broadcasts after they've finished It asks to enter my cable provider to view the content. My cable provider is/was a Bell company but it is not available to use this TSN service, so I am shut out to view these games legally.

By providing the Games on Demand service as they had in the past, I was one more person who could view commercials, buy merchandise, spread the word and help create new fans, etc even though I was not a TSN subscriber.

TSN has entered into greasy Rogers territory, very sad to see. I have since cut the cable cord. This kind of business model wreaks of the blackout days and we all know what great effect they had in the GTA towards creating new fans.

Forgot to add this to my post. The people are speaking, is anyone listening (TSN/CFL)?

I'm in New Zealand and f&*%ing dyin' over here since the online option to watch live coverage died a few years ago. I'm sure theres more than one Ticat/CFL fan outside of North America thats willing to lay down a little coin to watch, and I'm sick of highlights. :x

If there's one thing I don't like it's those damn autoplaying highlights and crawls on the screen. I don't want something I don't want to hear or see start to play when I go to a webpage, can I at least make that decision? And then sometimes you get stuck on the darn thing before the thing you really wanted to see will start after you clicked on it. Gimme the damn whole broadcast, I'll make my own highlights or scroll through the sports highlights broadcast, isn't that what it's for?

I will admit the only reason I’m paying $45 a month to cogeco is to watch CFL. I’m getting very tired of this silly idea and I’m quickly considering cutting the cable, especially since I miss most games anyway. I would much rather pay ~$150/year for a subscription that streams and replays all games, coverage, and analysis right to my Android.

He's right here haha I'd happily pay a reasonable price to get online access to games! I struggle through the dodgy streaming services when I can muster the will power but its tough going.
But for now, I'm just hoping ESPN on Australian pay TV at least chooses the Grey Cup over Puerto Rican basketball this year...

They are obviously not listening. Up until this year anyone could go on to TSN and watch a game on demand. For people that were out of the country that couldn't watch a live game it was great, you just waited about an hour after the game was over and it was available on their website. Now when you go to TSN it will ask you for your ROGERS or BELL account number/password if you want to watch on demand.
This is kind of similar to what ESPN is doing with ESPN3, not available to everyone on the internet. Only available if your internet provider carries ESPN3

You can get CFL games at this link:

[url=http://www.wiziwig.tv/competition.php?part=sports&discipline=americanfootball]http://www.wiziwig.tv/competition.php?p ... anfootball[/url]

The video is usually low resolution, and jerky but at least you can follow the game.

Video on line will eventually take over from cable TV as the provider of sports broadcasting. At the moment the cable companies are doing their best to stop it from happening because it destroys their monthly payment based business plans. Once they realize that it is futile to try to resist progress, they will have to find a way to monetize the broadcasts via the internet.

Personally, I'd be very happy to pay a fee to get CFL games on line. I would even pay for recorded games made available an hour or more after the game. Right now, I am paying about $800/yr for cable TV, and apart from CFL there is nothing of interest to me on cable. I am cancelling my cable at the end of this season anyway, so Bell will be getting nothing from me after November. A fee of $10 to $20/game or about $300/season would be attractive for me.

Count me in as someone living overseas who would happily pay $150 or so for immediate and taped access to all games.

Luckily my bro has trusted me with his Bell password so I can catch the games. I will still pay money to watch, though because I value the league and the content.

Problem is, if you have a Bell service (outside Ontario?) it doesn't work.

To show you how desperate I am, I listen to CHML online (not an ultimate experience) and have the TSN Game Tracker goin' (even though it's not in sync). :oops: