Why can't we put teams away??

Winnipeg had their 2nd string QB in the game and a ton of injuries. We get a nice little lead by the end of the half and look to be on a roll in our home stadium in a must win game. But the game still comes down to the last play of the game. We were so close to losing that game that it made me sick. Why can't we put teams away when we have them on the ropes? I think it comes down to coaching -- a lack of adjustment at the half and stupid play calling at key times in the game -- but I'd like to hear what everyone has to say.

I agree that we get too soft on teams for sure.Then they come back, take the lead and now we're playing catch up.We need to play like Montreal or even better Saskatchewan.I don't care if we're up 100 or down 100, until that final whistle blows we keep playing hard and keep trying to score.This win should do wonders for the team though and they'll walk into practice this week, heads high and ready to work.

I thought we were just looking very tired out there near the end. Winnipeg played good last night and ran very good against us. Nothing was for sure in that game!

Greg’s defensive schemes are getting predictable (witness the innovations in the Calgary and Regina defense). Obie failed to get us a good rush D-lineman in the off season consequently we are giving the other QB’s to much time on the ball; hence, the other teams can control the clock with long drives keeping our offense off the field.

I do have a bad memory but I really can't even remember the last time we really put a team away. I mean really bury them.

I do remember a lot of times other teams have buried the ticats however.

When we loose people complain and when we WIN people complain! Its a win people be happy for once in your lives!
Glenn threw for 370 yards just shy of 800yds in 2 games
DeAnglis went 3-3
Bruce had 11 passes for 197 yds
Stala, Carter and Bruce all had TD's for the Cats. :rockin: :rockin:

Some people will also find or say negative things! :thdn:

The team needs a philosophy: Montreal approaches every game that they are going "to make a statement", and then goes out to execute it. There's a reason Calvillo consistenty throws (usually successful) long passes on their opening drive, and often scores. It's to make a statement, and set the tone. That is why Montreal is 5-1, and that's what othere teams need.

You're right we did win and Bruce, Glenn, DeAngelis, Stala and a few others played their usual great games, but I really wasn't all that impressed with the outcome of the game. I expected the Cats to run roughshod over Winnipeg considering they were playing at home, coming off a big loss and playing a very injured Blue Bomber team. We needed to win that game in a convincing fashion and we didn't. I think it was Climie who said last night after the game that the Ticats should not come away too optimistic after that game. They face Winnipeg at home with Buck Pierce next week. That's going to be a very different game.
I'm not saying we can't win that game but we need to do better if we hope to beat them in their own home next week.
What bothers me the most I think is that we played well but still couldn't dominate the game. Last week against Saskatchewan I thought we played much better and still lost.
very concerning.

It's hard to build consistent drives when your offense is reliant on the big pass, specifically to one receiver (Bruce). More balance to your offense will result in lengthier drives that allow you to control the tempo of the game.

Glenn is lucky that rest of the team stepped up. I know he had 350+ yards and multiple TDs, but I wasn't impressed with his reads at all. He was forcing balls to Bruce all night even when other receivers were wide open, and he wasn't dialing into the intermediate or short passing game. On the Kent INT, he had a wide-open receiver running a shallower route which would have easily allowed him to pick up the first down. Instead, he tried to force the ball to Bruce and the result was a pick.

We'll also never keep leads late if we can't run the ball and eat the clock. We should have ended it on our last posession.

8) Yes, it is indeed very concerning !!
 Something is still missing from this team's play, from week to week !!

Until the Ticats have some reasonable version of a ground game that demands respect from the defensive front seven, they won’t be able to control the pace of the game, the clock or the line of scrimmage IMO.
I believe Cobb had something like 43 yards on 11 carries Saturday and that type of production from your feature back does not constitute a credible running game.
I don’t know how much longer thay can stay with Cobb - he still seems reluctant to drive up the middle and try to “manufacture” some tough yardage when the OL doesn’t open a lane. Once he hesitates, he’s often stopped for a loss because the defenses are too quick to react and penetrate.
They need to get the running game in sync now because they will need to rely on it more as the season progresses into the important cold weather games where the passing game becomes more difficult to execute.

We won't be able to put teams away until we get a runningback that can run the ball. No more blaming the offensive line, there were some good holes on those stretch plays and Cobb still couldn't do anything.

Coaching....for one reason....

We kicked off to start both halves again....we had a 10 point lead at half time, and could've got the ball and the wind to start the 3rd.....a TD drive and we're up 17......and Winnipeg is against the wind.....I know, I know....the 4th quarter is "longer" so we always take the wind and not the ball....we gave Winnipeg the ball and the wind in the 3rd and therefore a chance to get right back in the game...

Our coach lacks confidence in our offense being able to bury a team......the way we finished the 2nd quarter yesterday, it looked like a 3rd quarter with the ball and the wind and it would have been lights out....

No other coach chooses to kick as much as MB.....no coach anywhere...

I totally agree.

Yea, you know what bugged me was just before the half, we had the ball close enough to midfield that with a couple of longish passes we might have been able to add a field goal before the half. Instead, we played it safe. I don't care if Glenn throws a 40 yard pass that is intercepted deep in Bomber territory with 10 seconds left. To me it's a free shot at potential points. Bellefeuille seems more worried about throwing an interception than putting a team away.

SMASH MOUTH…need I say any more? No emotion or character - like watching paint dry. Without Bruce or Stala we are screwed. We need to administer a controlled HURT!

Again, it's hard for Cobb to make things happen when he gets the rock three times in a half! He was a complete afterthought in the offense last night. And when he did get the ball, he was usually undone by predictable formation / playcalling and poor blocking at the point of attack. By contrast, look at the holes Calgary's O-line routinely open up for Joffrey Reynolds. You could drive a truck through them. Most of the time, Reynolds has already picked up five yards before anyone lays a hand on him. Whereas Cobb is getting gang-banged by Odell Willis in the backfield on second and short because Hamilton's right-side blocking was nonexistent and because Mike Gibson isn't interested in helping his O-line out with any kind of tight-end blocking on the line.

Now, I'm not disputing that Joffrey Reynolds is a better running back than Deandra Cobb. He is. By a country mile. League-wide, I'd say Cobb is probably on the lower end in terms of overall quality. But I'd also suggest that the inability to run-block, poor formations, predictable run plays, and infrequent reliance on the ground game are all making Cobb look far worse than he actually is. Even the best backs in the game need their touches early and often to be effective. Those same backs also need a hole at the point of attack in order to make things happen on a regular basis.

Over here in Montreal, we have a situation where our 2009 Grey Cup MVP running back is 7th in the league in yardage because our coaches refuse to run the ball and don't make him a key component in the offense other than as a blocking back. If you took a look at Avon Cobourne's stats from the Sask game, you wouldn't think he was anything special either. But like I said, every tailback needs his touches, and he needs his coach to have faith in the ground game even if it doesn't pay immediate dividends early on.

You can't bury a team when you have a loose defense. Our defense gives up way too many yards and points. When we get hard hitting tough defense this team will be something. Up until then, we will hover around the 500 mark. Cats never get momentum and keep it because they give up too much

Is anyone else getting tired of watching recievers torch the side that Shivers and Tisdale play.
There's been to many to speak of but the most recent was Brock Ralph on the second last play of the game for 49 yds.
I couldn't believe my eyes.
Something needs to change with those two positions