Why can't we have plays like the Rams and Chiefs

different planet

you mean with no defense?

pretty much did that on Sunday

No defence?

Did you watch the game?

There were 21 points scored by the defensive units.

There were 3 interceptions, two fumble recoveries.

This was a classic CFL game. Last team to touch the ball was going to win.

That game was a classic.

Getting to the OP's point (I think)...lots of creative play calling by both offensive units and the play calling/selection was terrific.

I think we have the personnel that could excel with these plays.

But this same game, all things being equal, CFL naysayers would be saying no defence, turnovers, garbage bush football. Because that’s what CFL naysayers do.

And any coach, NFL, CFL or whatever don’t like these games, very entertaining for the fans of course but the craziness of how the game played out messes up set game plans and strategies.

Hendy77 was reading my mind. I believe JM could perform similar given the proper playbook.

For the most part the execution and creativity was outstanding.

Forget league comparisons, that was a great game.

An entertaining football game for fans is exactly that, entertaining, 3 down, 4 down or what have you, no matter what, if you like gridiron. Completely agree, even if games like this as 8-7 games in hockey, drive coaches nutso. It sells.

A lot of turnovers and D scoring happened after I posted. Still, in spite of all that, Rams D allowed 575 yards and 6 TDs. Chiefs D allowed 489 yards and 4 TDs. That’s is not great D. Turnovers and TDS are individual plays. Yardage and total TDs allowed are, IMO, moreindicative of overall play.

As a Rams fan, I am chagrined at the decline in D over the season after being number 1 for the first 2 or 3 games.

That's is not great D.
Yes sir.

Either way…what does the Defence have to do with the question, which was “why can’t we have plays like the Rams and the Chiefs?”

We don’t have plays like the Rams or Chiefs because in the CFL we don’t have the talent level that is in the NFL. Pretty simple don’t you think? :o

This is a hot take.

A bad hot take.

More like a hot turd. High scoring games in any sport usually indicate a mistake-ridden complete breakdown in systems and fundamentals. A coaching nightmare. It has nothing to do with higher talent level.

I am afraid I misread the title to be Why cant we play like the Rams and the Chiefs. :-[

CFL talent level is comparable to NFL but remember we have different needs because of the field, the motion and the 12 on a team. Now as for $$ paid to players that’s a different story.

QB’s in the CFL aren’t close to the NFL QBs... that was very apparent in yesterday’s game. It is much easier for a CFL QB to pass successfully because despite the 12th man there is so much more field that has to be covered. Plus the in motion players give the offense a huge advantage over the defense. Both Mitchell and Harris showed they aren’t near NFL quality.

There may be some some skill players in the CFL that could play in the NFL but they are few. Every player with NFL potential has already been given a look and rejected. How can anyone say the talent in the two leagues is comparable? Any CFL player who could land a NFL contract would be gone in a heartbeat.

Absolutely 100% correct. The nail just got hit on the head. 8)

And they do, with success usually.

As opposed to players that come from the NFL to the CFL rarely shine here.


I thought we straightened this guy out during the Manziel era. 8)

We did. That is why it is so strange that people still think the talent level is the same in the CFL as it is in the NFL. I guess that is why the CFL has such a huge TV contract as well as packing the stadiums week in and week out. Lets face it the NFL is a superior league and the CFL is a great Canadian game providing good entertainment. 8)

  1. Lol, right again as usual, Top-Cat :smiley: :smiley: