Why cant we get team posters

Hi everyone;

Years ago i remember getting full team posters of the tiger cat team handed out to guests who went to the game. With our team getting past our franchise record of 12-5-1 from 1998 i would love to get a coloured poster of this years team and possibly grey cup team. I never been this impressed by a solid team like this since those McManus years in 98 and 99.

Could bob young and management look into doing something like this for this years Nov 17th eastern final?? We used to do it many years ago and i believed it was advertised as purolator tiger cat poster. I have a few stored away from years ago.

I would love to have something like this again.


I like your idea, but I am willing to wait for the one that says 2019 Grey Cup Champions on it. I would be willing to pay serious coin for it. I am also looking forward to (FINALLY) replacing my (rather threadbare) 1999 Grey Cup Champions t-shirt.

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