Why can't we get marketing deals like the NHL or the NFL

Here's an example from last year. I was in the States with the familly, and what came with the Grandkids Dairy Queen meal??? Plastic NFL Collector cups!

McDonalds sponsors various collectables with the NHL. So, Why can't the CFL market such stuff. Yeah, I know, they are really dust collectors, but, my Grandson asked the perfect question.

"Wow, these cups are cool, Grandpa, why doesn't Dairy Queen in Canada have BC Lion Cups?"

If we are supposed to be targeting the youth as future fans, why can't we market stuff like that?

Just a rant and rave for the day!

Probably just a numbers game, the companies don't think there is enough of a fan base of the CFL compared with the major league sports in Canada. Don't know exactly about this though.

But, you still need cups to drink milk shakes and coke out of!

I mean, you look at the commercial / promotional brainwashing that goes on south of the border......Can't we do some too?

True, but then the States is what you might call the epitimy (spelling?) of capitalism and taking risks on business ventures. We in Canada might be called exactly the opposite to some degree.

It could start up some new intrest in the CFL. Like with some kid who has a single mother who isn’t a CFL fan. He/She get a CFL cup at Wendys and thinks to them selves, goes home and asks their mom to take them to game and there hooked.

Anyone remember hockey cards on the back of kraft dinner?

How many kids eat Kraft dinner? Why not CFL cards on the back of the box?

I have the hole set of Oilers and Flames in sheets uncut and framed. From the three years they had them.

Wendy's is a big sponser of the CFL, and they really don't do any other league, I think it would be a good idea for them to make CFL collectibles or something along those lines.

I know when Molson made those CFL bubba Kegs, i bought all the Rider ones. I would definetly buy a few more Jr Bacon Cheeseburgers if it meant getting some cool CFL stuff.

I forgot about Wendy's...Good One Billy!

How about it CFL Marketing.....??? Plastic collector cups from Wendy's?

yeah, the CFL should get out there and market there league with Mikey D's, Wendy's (no doubt), build a bear, etc.

need to target the lower audiance, not just the adults.

I remember when I was a kid (I’m dating myself here) Dairy Queen had sundaes that were served in miniature CFL helmets! They were just plastic bowls shaped like a helmet, and you’d get the plastic face mask and stickers that you would put on later. I had a cardboard holder for them on my wall, and I think we had collected most – if not all – of them. (I used to eat a lot of sundaes. :smiley:)

Don’t know where they are now. But even though I wasn’t into football yet, I loved those helmets. Something like that would be a great idea now, because it would be a new thing to a whole generation of young people.