Why can't we convert on 3rd and 1?

Honestly, over the last two years, I don't think I have ever seen a team that had as much difficulties to convert on 3rd and 1 as the Als are.

Can anybody tell me why a 3rd and short situation is almost always a garanteed first down for other teams, but not for the Als?

Nealon fumbles. Brady fumbles. We sometimes go with handoffs way backfield, which makes our runner need to get three yards instead of one. We try corner routes so huge everybody on the defense has enough time to adapt and make the play. We even went with pass plays in shotgun formation.

How can 12 grown men be so consistent in not being able to move a ball 12 inches up the field?

Why can we make that basic play? Why do we always try to come up with something "strategic" on that play? Be predictable and smash the ball through the line! Give it to Vilimek and tell him to dive over the no-man's-land. Give it to Lapointe and tell him to run through the brick wall. They're good at it.

Stopping the offense on third and short should be an exploit. Not converting it. That should be a gimme.

I would like to have said that, in years past when we were an elite team, we weren't too good at 3rd and one because we were rarely in a 3rd and one position...we were too good that we usually got the first down with lots to spare on second down, so we never practised it.

This year? We're no elite team. The O-line is but a shadow of its former dominant self; Greene is about as useless as Ted White, and Brady, while I still think the guy has some potential, he isn't big enough physically to give me confidence on 3rd and short (although to his credit he did in fact make that first down, just lost the ball trying to squeeze out more).

let`s stop using 2nd and 3rd quaterbacks on these plays, these QB don't touch the ball that much and this may explain fumbles.

Why not use 2nd QB and third QB in field goal attempts to scare the opponent`s defense of trick plays?

The problem is, at least yesterday is that the runner got gready. By trying for the extra yard it gave the D a chance to knock the ball out