Why can't we Contend????

Despite my name, I am very much a ticat Fan...I attend 4-5 games a year at IWS and have seen every down of cat football for the last 8 years.

Why can't we contend???? Even though we may pull a fluke and back into second place, it won't be because we are any better than we were last year, its because the Blue team and the Bombers are worse.

Anyone who reads this forum will see hundreds of posts saying 'Fire the Coach", or "Fire the OC" or "don't worry, Obie will save us". Let's face it... the 2008 Cats aren't a very good team. 2007 or 2006 either. We can sit here all day and list reasons why the Cats lose a lot more than they win. We can blame the coaches, blame the play selection, the weather, bad luck...whatever, but it all comes down to one thing...

The players just aren't good enough.

At the beginning of the 2007 season,the Cats had issues at several positions, QB, secondary to name 2. By the end of the season, It was clear that the receiving corp was substandard (when Brock Ralph is your #1 guy, you know you have a problem).

Well it's 2008 now. Our receivers aren't any better. The Changes made by Obie have for the most part flopped. Miles has been a dissapointment, Ponder didn't make the cut, the weaknesses in both lines weren't addressed at all. Thank God that Caulley and Richie have been around to take care of things during Jesse's and Casey's injuries otherwise the Cats could be 0-9.

The way I see it is that Obie without the strong support staff that he had in BC is like a fish out of water. The Guy is pushing 70, and can't be expected to run around all over the continent, trying to find a left tackle. He needs scouting and intelligence info. Why was Popp able to find players to bolster his weak areas over the off season, geez, he has a guy like Thurman on the "injury (wink,wink)list" who would probably be #1 in Hamilton.

In Hamilton, we have seen far too many "saviors" who have flopped....Miles, Ponder, Chang, Mass and too some extent Printers. Enough is enough.

For the Cats to get better, and I don't mean .500, I mean Grey Cup contend, there are a few things that are going to have to happen....

  1. Commit to a starting QB
  2. Commit to an RB
  3. Hire a GM who is still in touch and can evaluate the talent and make changes accordingly.

Give Obie the respect that he has earned for his many years of great servive to the CFL.

Don't expect him to be a Popp or Tillman.

The Tiger-Cats have become the Ottawa Rough Riders. We are now the perennial doormats of the league. Just like Ottawa.

This is sad but I believe it to be true.

"The players just aren't good enough."

I strongly disagree the players are not good enough. The problem is and has been for years, the "mismanagement of talent" on this team.
Coaches who apparently watch game films and should see the plays of other teams which consistantly burn us, and never pause to think, "maybe if we used some of these plays, we might be successful."
Good players have come here and were not inspired to give their best for some reason, and when they left here, many of them have become great weapons on their respective teams.
We need a coaching staff that will command respect and give the players the playbook and game plan they need to develop a winning attitude.

Lack of talent + Poor coaching = inability to be a contender

The only reason why the ticats can't contend is they dont play like the "OLD SCHOOL" ticats.

The whole team isnt playing as one.

The only reason why the ticats can't contend is they dont play like the "OLD SCHOOL" ticats.

The whole team isnt playing as one.


That`s true.

This team does have talent. You have guys like Printers, Williams,Lumsden, Caulley, Smith, Moreno.

Come on!! We are talented enough. You put these guys on a team like Sask. or Calgary, B.C and they would excel even further. We are a team that doesn`t know how to win, right now!! Sad but true.

True enough, but the problem is that other than these talents that you mention, there ain't a whole lot there.

Sad but true....

I disagree, while we could use some more seasoned talent, the talent is there. That game last night was ours for the taking, but it was poor coaching on both sides of the ball for our team that made the difference, we have the talent to match any team in this league, and we have shown it in the close games we have played this year, the difference between most of those teams and us is they have a good coach.

Last season we couldn't sustain a drive
and usually only scored points by field goals

so most of us didn't expect we would
be contending for a play off spot.

in the off season I said I would be glad if
we could sustain drives and score 1 or 2 TDs.

in the first part of the season

What an ingrate I am,

we started scoring and we have been
in contention in most of our games.

We exceeded my expectations
and still I am not happy.

Don`t thinks so, Als4ever.

We also have Setta, Bradley, Loesher-Mckay(I think he can be effective) Chris Bauman, Tony Miles ( just came back from injury)P-Rodriguez, Marwan Hage, Hudson.

Like I said talented enough, to not be warranting a 2-7 record.

-poor overall talent – we have some star players, but not enough of them

-poor coaching – Taaffe was hailed as a saviour but he’s been a major flop

-poor offensive and defensive linemen – we can’t pass block and we can’t pressure the QB

-too much reliance on rookies – every year we bring in a bazillion rookies and expect them to start (notably at receiver) and they don’t become the impact players we’re hoping for

-excessive turnover of players from year to year – we need to build some continuity, the great Cat teams of the late 90’s were together numerous years before we won a Grey Cup in ’99 (notably the defence)…most teams tweak their teams in the off-season to improve, we seem to be always overhauling ours.

-poor play from the quarterbacks. As much as people love to hate Printers, and some are madly in love with Richie Williams, the fact is neither has played at even an above average level. They each looked great in winning starts against Toronto earlier this year, but outside of that, both QBs have not performed at the level expected of a starting quarterback.

And to comment on the original post in this thread, I think the running back by committee is working just fine right now. Also Obie has upgraded the overall talent on the team, except this was a big job. He couldn’t do it all in one off-season. I have faith that by the time next year rolls around we’ll have better players.

I agree 100% with the above. We have the talent it
just needs time to develop UNDER GOOD COACHING.

I think we can all agree a competent coaching staff and a few veterans to add to the solid core rookies would do wonders for this team.

I think THIS is whole reason people are acting the way they do these days Ron, they see a light at the end and want the hydro company to provide them with unlimited power immediately

A lot of good thoughtful posts.

It just seems logical to me that a team that was 3-15 last year and is 2-7 year has a LOT of personel issues.

Coaching CAN make a difference, look at the 2007 and 2008 Als, but Charlie isn't missing tackles or dropping balls...the players are.

I agree that its good to maintain stability and not be a revolving door, but I feel that there are about 10 players on the Cats roster who should not be playing CFL ball

One of the biggest reasons we can't contend is we don't have any DEPTH.

This team was decimated by the previous regime, and has been in overhaul mode since then, and have been slow to get and retain talent. Add the Ottawa draft, and then the dispersal draft, and then the implementation of the SMS, and we have ended up with a few good players, a few good coaches, and a few good managers, and none that have been together for more than a couple of years. The problem has also been compounded by the fact that in the CFL, many good players either go to the NFL, and can easily move to other teams, by either demanding a trade or by holding out for big money, and then using free agency.

I do believe that overall this team is better than those of the previous 2 years (players, coaches, and management), regardless of the record, and that it is moving in the right direction, but we are still not ready to contend, and I think that even those in the media recognize that this team is improving (even the TO loving TSN analysts). I also agree it has been a long hard wait, and can't blame those who are being impatient. Right now, I don't think you would disagree that the Cats are as good as Toronto or Winnipeg, but not yet in the same league as the other teams, but of those three teams I think the Cats are in the best position to move forward, not backwards.

Hang in there Ti-Cat faithful. If we continue to be close in games, the wins will come.



I dont buy this, " our players arent good enough, stuff" I believe they are.

You could say that there are 10 mediocre players on each team in the CFL. I would say there isnt a lot of difference in talent on all 8 teams. Its the CFL and talent is widespread throughout the league. You can`t say one team is dominant in talent than the rest.

Of course the coaches dont drop catches or fumble, miss tackles, but coaching contributes to a team winning or losing. Coaching provides leadership and direction. Something our Cats currently dont have.

IMHO, our coaching staff is ineffective. (Excluding D-Mac) We have not won a close game all year. There were games we could have won. I think that are coaching lacks aggressiveness and our play calling is predictable and lacks creativity.

How come a team like Saskatchewan, when they were depleted with injuries, in all positions can somehow win with their previous lineups. Durant was a third string QB, no one gave the guy a chance. He lights it up against us. I believe that was from good coaching.

Maybe but depth explains alot too....

Depth comes from good talent evaluation. Using every roster spot to it's maximum

Please tell me loyal, what has Danny Mac done? I haven't seen anything that has contributed to success on the field?

Is it because we love him for getting us a grey cup or do you seriously believe that he is that good of a coach, he is effective.

A QB coach is about mechanics and releasing the football and reading defensives. How can casey or richie read a defense when the o-line can't block any one.

Is Danny a good coach, I don't know, no one knows cuz he's more into the daily stuff rather than game day.

I understand where you are coming from and want to find a positive but I would really like to hear what he has done to make him a candidate to stay. IMHO, all coaches are wiped out and we start fresh in june 09!