Why Can't the CFL MOve Ahead Without Hogtown?

Is Toronto really that important to the CFL?
Because most of the negative stories and headaches for the league come out from that berg.
Its filled with a loudmouthed minority who slag the league at every turn.
And this in turn gives the league a bad image across Canada.

So I was thinking.
Is Toronto that important to the CFL?
Is what they give to the league worth the BS that comes out of there?

I think TV ratings would be just as huge with or without Toronto.
Because there hasn't been a decent team in Toronto for years, yet ratings keep going up.

I don't think Toronto is that important.
EVen if they get their NFL team, they will be isolated by the other CFL cities.

I say move the Argos to London where they can play out of a temporary TD waterhouse stadium.
Then get expansion going to get the league to 10 teams.
And say goodbye and good riddance to Toronto once and for all.
And all the headaches their media brings the league.

These things go in cycles CFL currently is at a peak, The Argo,s in spite of bad press, bad coaching, bad scheduling, still manages to draw nearly 30,000 a game average, with the 100Th grey cup Approaching, maybe Toronto will have a CFL renaissance?

To me this negative press has been going on for 20 years.
The league’s problems are always coming from Toronto.
Every other team has stabalized and the league is seeing a renaissance.
Yet there’s always trouble in Toronto.
And because the national media is based there, they paint the whole league as being in trouble.
I say enough is enough.

It's important if you want media coverage, Toronto is the center of it When Toronto is involved in a league and they have success, its the most written and reported on news programs. The CFL cannot exist without the media center that exists in Toronto, the CFL may be popular across Canada. Without the Argos the CFL would be as important to national media as the MLS is to someone in Regina.

It doesn't matter that T.O media aren't into the CFL, CFL gets good media exposure because T.O is involved. Take away the Agros the media will focus solely on NFL in the GTA which means across Canada as well

Hell no. The Argos are one of the oldest franchises in the league. Not to mention we'd lose a great rivalry between the Cats and the Argos. Sure, London and Hamilton could build their own rivalry, but it'd never be the same as the one between Toronto and Hamilton.

I remember when I went to the Hamilton/Edmonton game last season. The Cats won, and the fans were boisterous, as you'd expect, and while we were all walking back to our cars, you'd occassionally hear someone yell out, "Argos," and someone else would respond, "Suck!" It was hilarious! I'd rather not lose that.

If you don't like what the Toronto media say, then don't give them the time of day.

Yeah, but what exactly does the Toronto media give the league?
Except negativity every other day?
I'm saying if Braley didn't want the team and nobody else stepped up,
would it be such a big deal if Toronto disappeared?
Ala Montreal a few years back?
Sure I don't want to see the oldest pro team in Canada disappear.
But I also think the improtance of Toronto is overrated.
Mainly by their media.
But I think the league would do just as well, if the Argos were no longer.
LIke I said.
The CFL hasn't had the Argos for the past 3 years yet TV ratings
and interest keep going up and up.
You can't give the Toronto media credit for that!

Chief I recall when the Argonautes were the talk of T.O in the early 80,s- Toronto Hosted the 82 Cup and the town was abuzz , the E.E,s won on a cold rainy day by the waterfron exebition stadium, the next year the argo,s won one of the greatest Cup,s ever, with a come from behind win at B.C. ___ Its that nastalga that has to be rekindeled in T.O. _ The first ever Grey Cup, that will give the media something to write about, now is a good time because of the disinterest in the Buffalo games, the same for NBA and the B.J,s , who to get the T.O. Media onside? Email?

You can't exclude the largest media/ corporate market.....

Has it already been announced that Toronto will get the 100th Grey Cup? Edmonton has the 98th, and B.C. has the 99th. I think Toronto hosting the 100th would be great for the city. The league could go all out with all sorts of century celebrations.

Berezin, I don't buy your argument that ratings would stay the same. Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't we see a significant dent in the ratings two years ago? Granted, part of that could be attributed to the games being played on Saturday, but I think part of it also had to do with Toronto not being in.

Why not?
Haven't they excluded themselves already?
Like corporations are going to ignore a national league with huge interest from coast to coast
becuas the Argos aren't around?
If you ask me, if you get rid of the negativity from that city that brings down the league, I think
advertisers would be even more willing to get on board.
Toronto can watch their all world sports like baseball and basketball.
Wouldn't it be funny if one or both folded eh?

And Cheif.
CFL doesn't rely on Toronto for ratings.
Ratigns have been booming for the last few years.
Coincidentally the same time the Argos went down the tubes.
Toronto does not drive CFL ratings.
If more people in Toronto followed football, it could.
But they don't.
If they don't want us, we don't need em.

that's true..

it was the Saskatchewan Roughriders afterall that were involved everytime TSN broke the Records for viewers in 2009, including the big ole Grey Cup! :slight_smile:

but Toronto still needs to be here in the CFL.. even if the media feels the need to knock their own sports team!

Center of the Universe will stay Center of the Universe, even if the Argos went 12 years in a row of 15-3 with 5 Grey Cups.


No - they haven't excluded themselves

Yes corporations may ignore a national league if it excludes the largest media market that represents the greatest potential for market penetration (to a certain extent). I would.
So you think you can be successful without representaion in an area tha contains 7 percent of your national population? and in and extended area - (GTA) 14%? Some 5.5 million people? How so? Just because you think that media negativity hurts the league's image? Give your head a shake.

It's not about ratings...... if it was the CFL would have been getting a lot more corporate attention. so obviously it's something else that is the problem.

More people in Toronto would follow football if it was marketed better.

geeez you're bitter.

Clearly there's interest from coast to coast, but to say that it's huge is demonstrably wrong (for example, see here http://slam.canoe.ca/Slam/Football/CFL/ ... 26-cp.html). The CFL is less popular in Atlantic Canada than it is in Southern Ontario, for obvious reasons, and it's not exactly huge here. If it actually were huge, I suspect there would be much fewer threads complaining about the less than desirable state of the CFL in Southern Ontario and its less than flattering treatment by certain Toronto based media outlets.

The importance of Toronto as the "corporate HQ" is highly exaggerated, mainly because national sponsorships generate so little revenue for CFL teams. CFL teams earn about $2 million each year from national TV and sponsorships deals, which means national sponsorships generate about $500,000 per team. This amount is dwarfed by local sponsorships which generate $2 million to $6 million for most teams. The national sponsorships are mainly the onfield and jersey ads, which would probably still exist if Toronto had no CFL team.

But it's the psychological damage of losing Toronto which would harm the league. While the national media coverage the CFL receives is pretty pathetic, it's still better than nothing, which is what the CFL would get without Toronto. The CFL would go from a "big-league" sport in the eyes of many fans...to a minor-league. This could result in the loss of revenues across Canada as local companies would view the CFL as second-rate. The CFL could turn into another lacrosse (which rivaled hockey at one time in popularity) or senior hockey...fading into obscurity.

While the league lost Montreal and Ottawa in the past, they are not core teams which are essential to the league. Toronto is, and so are Vancouver, Calgary and Edmonton, because that's where the money is. If they folded, that would seriously diminish the league.

Very well said and thought out!

Yes. I'm always surprised when this comes up on this forum. The Argonauts were officially awarded the 2012 Grey Cup as a package with the 2007 Grey Cup.

The CFL's advertisers who are targeting the 5+ millikon in the GTA and the other 5 million in southern Ontario need Toronto. So, by extension, the CFL needs Toronto.

Gee Alpha.
What are you a teacher grading everybody's comments?
I'm just telling it like it is.
There may be 5 million people in Toronto and area, but how many actually follow football?
Toronto is nothing more then a bunch of ethnic communties living in one area.
We;ll still have Montreal, Vancouver and the west.
And hopefully soon Ottawa, Quebec City, Moncton and possibley London.
That puts three teams in Ontario.
The CHL does just fine without any interest from Toronto.
I'm just saying it would be a helluva lot better for the league if we could
free ourselves of the negative Tranna media.