why can i not post pics?

why can i not post pics?

Not sure. When I post pics here I click on the img tab that appears above the box when doing a new post and this appears. (I've replaced the square brackets you will see when you click on the img tab instead of the rounded ones I use below for illustrative purposes.


I then post the image url of my photo between the two middle square brackets. Usually I post pictures that I use image url from pictures I've posted to Facebook or from Twitter.

Not sure if that helps you at all.

Any account with 3 posts looking to post pictures make me nervous lol

Use an image hosting site like tinypic , Upload the picture , then copy the direct link , click on IMG then paste the link between the brackets picture should be showing if done right :slight_smile:

But ryan, he/she has been a member of the forum since 2010.

The example provided by PatB should get you going tigger2. Just keep in mind the image must reside on the internet meaning you need a proper URL not just a local link on your own computer. I usually use Photobucket myself when I post images.

Good luck!