Why Calvillo should be MOP

People, forget the wins, forget who was hot at the end of the season. The award is for MOP, not MVP. There is a big distinction between the 2. The MVP would most likely be Lulay. But, the award is for MOP.

Calvillo should not win the award for his career records. That is absurd. That is what the HOF is for.

Calvillo should win the MOP award, because over the entire 18 game season, he has better stats. Compared to Lulay, Calvillo has:

-more passing yards;
-less interceptions;
-equal number of TD passes;

  • a higher completion percentage;
    -a higher QB rating.

That is why Calvillo should be MOP.

his showing of his age, and the games where he was ordinary and old looking is why he should NOT win it.

he won’t. Lulay is the most outstanding player this year anyway.

and BESIDES. it should have been Richardson, not Calvillo

Agreed. I think it’s weak that Montreal nominated AC.

I’m not sure why we need another thread on this - see: Award Finalists are in http://forums.cfl.ca/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=71505

Having said that, I will summarize why Calvillo should NOT be MOP.

Calvillo: 62% pct, 5251 passing yards, 32 TDs and 8 ints. QB rating of 98.2
Lulay: 59% pct, 4815 passing yards, 32 TDS and 11 ints. QB rating of 95.8

Calvillo: 21 carries, 155 yards, 1 TD and 9 turnovers
Lulay: 47 carries, 391 yards, 3 TD and 1 turnover

MTL: 10 wins and 8 loses (2nd Place in the East)
BC: 11 wins and 7 loses (1st Place in the West)

Down the stretch
MTL: 3-3
BC: 5-1

The numbes don’t lie. Lulay has been all-round a better player. His consistency and poise down the stretch were unmatched by anyone else in the league this year. He has had a direct impact on more TD’s and less turnovers than AC.

You note that Lulay would likely be the MVP if there was one… You could say the same thing about Anthony. Richardson had a great year, but someone had to throw him the ball. Both Lulay and AC made the players around them better.