Why Calvillo should be MOP

People, forget the wins, forget who was hot at the end of the season. The award is for MOP, not MVP. There is a big distinction between the 2. The MVP would most likely be Lulay. But, the award is for MOP.

Calvillo should not win the award for his career records. That is absurd. That is what the HOF is for.

Calvillo should win the MOP award, because over the entire 2011, 18 game season, he has better stats. Compared to Lulay, Calvillo has:

-more passing yards;
-less interceptions;
-equal number of TD passes;

  • a higher completion percentage;
    -a higher QB rating.

That is why Calvillo should be MOP.

Its a popularity contest.... don't put too much stock in it.

Ac had a most undistinguished season this year. He was hot and cold and, in the BC game he was inept. Its too bad Richardson did not impress the Montreal media as he stood out as being a giant in the receiving position. Unfortunately the QBs are usually given this award. My vote for the absolute best player in the league would be Chad Owens of Toronto. He set the record for most yards in a season and, generated the most offense for the Argos. In a later game ( i think the last one) Owens gave the Argos great position with his kick/punt returns. He was there when his superb receptions keep the Argos in games. He showed his speed in end around plays and, playing for a 4th place team, he stood out for his offense play. I doubt I will find anyone to agree with my selection but, his play for a last play was outstanding. He was far above any other pretenders to the MOP throne!!!!!

I just don't see where it's a year when a quarterback...any quarterback deserves to win
Burris was canned. Ray was inconsistent. Lulay did have a good year...but his start was less than stellar.
And Durant fell flat on his face.
Glenn was "demoted" into a time-share. Lemon/Jyles were non-existent. Pierce was anemic. And Calvillo...despite the eternal and somewhat baffling numbers...oscillated between dominant and cringing cowardice at an alarming rate.

I liked what I saw from Owens this year.
I was glad to see him get more time at slot-back. The position suits him. He's neither big enough nor straight-ahead fast enough to play wide receiver. His quickness in tight spaces...vision and ability to break tackles and masochistic love of contact make him a natural inside.
Still...although he did manage to break 3,000 for the 2nd year straight...I wonder if his receiving yards earn him the title of MOP. I'd be surprised if he doesn't get more done on offence next year, and Durie or someone doesn't spell his more on returns.

Still...keeping in mind that our predictability on offence hurt us a lot this year...
If forced to choose, I'd still go with Jamel Richardson.
Despite everything...that kind of receiving yardage was earned...every yard
And we're not likely to see as dominant a performance from a receiver any season soon.
Too bad Montreal didn't put more thought into their choice
You have to guess that many simply view their vote as a yearly annoyance...easily dispensed with.
God knows what they'll do once AC retires
Maybe actually watch an Alouettes game or two.